Amazing Google Products and Features available for all

The internet world rests on google as it is an ocean of knowledge information and technology. Google itself is a great technology as well which is a playing a great part in taking the world to the peak of next level.

Google has evolved a lot over the decades and now offers several important and beneficial products for people of all age groups across the world including email, education, environment, technology, business, entertainment, health and fitness and many more.

Lets explore the products and services offered by google to add value to the world.

Android Auto is an application powered with Google assistance, Navigation, Communication and Entertainment which is mostly installed in cars. It is so user friendly that it make easy to use.

You just need to connect your android phone to your car infotainment display and you are ready to go. Now you can make your drive pleasurable with your finger tips.

Just by tapping with your finger you can direct your car, call your loved ones, play your favorite music and drive your car as well. You can also give voice commands.

Today is the era of mobile phones. Since the mobile has become an inseparable part of our life google is contributing enormously. Today we that millions of phones run on android OS which has great features as we all know.

Gone are the days when we used to watch TVs in a box and controller it with a remote controller. Now google enables you to watch your favourite movies, shows etc just by the click of your mobile phone as well. Yes, you can control your android TV with phone using it as remote as well.

Chromebook a computer which works on an operating system developed by google which is Chrome OS. Its very fast, featured and simple to use.

This is a voice command operating device which can play music, answers your question, sets alarm, reminds you of your importance works and events. It can do anything you tell to do from turning lights on and off and many more things. It has the features to switch music as per your mood from one room to another.

As most of our daily activity is depended on technology now-a-days, it is more important that we become physically, mentally and digitally healthy. Digital wellbeing app helps you to control your addiction to gadgets and technology.

Google Docs is one the mostly loved product which is free for personal and business use. It enables you to create an ever lasting impression and creation of docs such has word, excel, power point and forms. The best part of the google doc is that it is save in google drive automatically which is hosted on cloud storage. So you can access your docs and powerful presentation from anywhere.

Google drive is a free cloud storage provided by google with your Gmail account. It offers a 15 GB free cloud storage to save your important files, folders, docs, zip folders and emails. Once you reach your free limit further storage capacity needs to be purchased as per the plans offered by google like monthly plan and yearly.

Google Earth provides a 360 angle view of the world so that you can rotate all the way from left to right, up to down and all around get a detailed glimpse of the world.

Google finance is tool which provides financial news, intranational real time stock price, value, market insight and analytics and many more. it also helps you get more financial gain in your day to day trading.

Google Arts and Culture provides the unique collection of all the arts, paintings, handicrafts, galleries, historical images and exhibitions. You can also choose to view the wonderful creation by simply clicking on the color of your choice in 3D view.

Google assistant is an interactive tool which accepts commands and gives commands as well. Yes, it will tell you right things at the right place. I can remind you to pay your bills, time to commute office and from office to back home. It guides you about near by facility and services available like ATMS, shops, restaurants, malls and many more useful things.

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