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How to install HPE 3par Virtual Service Processor 5.0

Hewlett Packard Enterprise 3par Service Processor is a monitoring and support device which keepts a track of the 3par storage system and detects any hardware or software failure to report to HPE remote support.

How to install HPE 3par Virtual Service Processor 5.0 1

HPE 3par Service Processor is an appliance and available in physical and virtual versions for Service Processor 5.0 release. The physical Service Processor comes with pre-loaded software from the factory itself so users do not need to install any application. You just need to add your hostname, IP address and other network details and it is available to monitor your 3par storage system.

The virtual Service Processor software is avaialble as a free download from HPE software center and provided in an Open Virtual Format (OVF) for VMware vSphere Hypervisor and it is self-extractable Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) package for Microsoft Hyper-V as well.

The Virtual Service Processor is supported on Windows Server 2012/2012 R2/2016) and the VMware vSphere hypervisor (VMwareESXi 5.5/6.0/6.5/6.7). The Virtual Service Processor needs no physical connections. It runs on a customer defined network environment. For more detailed information please check below link:

Available Virtual Service Processor versions:

  • 3PAR_VIRTUAL_SP_5.0.2.1
  • 3PARVIRTUAL_SP_5.0.2_MU2
  • 3PARVIRT_SP_5.0.3_MU3
  • 3PAR_VIRT_SP_5.0.4
  • 3PAR_SP_5.0.4.1
  • 3PAR_VIRT_SP_5.0.5
  • 3PAR_SP_5.0.5.1
  • 3PAR_VIRT_SP_5.0.6
  • 3PAR_SP_5.0.6.1
  • 3PAR_VIRT_SP_5.0.7
  • 3PAR_SP_5.0.7.1
  • 3PAR_VIRT_SP_5.0.8
  • 3PAR_SP_5.0.8.1
  • 3PAR_VIRT_SP_5.0.9

The Virtual Service Processor can be downloaded from below link:

Lets check below the virtual Service Processor installation and configuration process:

Once you have downloaded the virtual Service Processor ISO image then you can extract it get the OVF file for installation.

How to install HPE 3par Virtual Service Processor 5.0 2

If you you are planning to install it in Vmware Exi environment then you can simply import the OVF to deploy the virtual Service Processor.

You can also install it using Vmware workstatation in case you can want to build a virtual lab for youself then open the vmware workstation and double click on the OVF file and import. It automatically mount the virtual machine and deploys it as well.

How to install HPE 3par Virtual Service Processor 5.0 3

It will import the virtual machine and would be ready to power on for further installation:

How to install HPE 3par Virtual Service Processor 5.0 4

When you power on the virtual machine first time it goes through various installation processes in dark window display as linux interface since it also a cut down version of linux operating system based on debian.

How to install HPE 3par Virtual Service Processor 5.0 5

You might see some process failure during the installation of Virtual Service Processor but don’t worry at the end all going to be fine and it would be installed successfully.

During the installation process it will ask you to enter root password for maintenace purpose however it is not necessary to give the password here and it can be ignored:

How to install HPE 3par Virtual Service Processor 5.0 6

Post the installation process is complete it would ask you to log in to configure the virtual Service Processor and initialize it as well. Here you need to use the log in username – admin and there password is not required.

Default username and passowrd for 3par Service Processor are :

User – Password

3paradm 3pardata

admin 3parInServ

3parcust 3parInServ

Just enter the username as admin and it would take you to the next screen:

How to install HPE 3par Virtual Service Processor 5.0 7

The next screen will ask you to configure below:

How to install HPE 3par Virtual Service Processor 5.0 8

Once you configure your network it will display the final screen to initialize the virtual Service Processor further and it can be done via Service Processor web console using the similar link displayed.

How to install HPE 3par Virtual Service Processor 5.0 9

You can type the url in your internet browser and it would appear as below and you can click to proceed further.

How to install HPE 3par Virtual Service Processor 5.0 10

Now the web console will look like below screen which is the first screen that appears while browing link in previous option. You can need to click accpet to proceed further.

How to install HPE 3par Virtual Service Processor 5.0 11

The next screen is to set up the Service Processor. Click continiue and complete the further setup and configuration.

How to install HPE 3par Virtual Service Processor 5.0 12

Next screen needs you to add the required details as shown:

How to install HPE 3par Virtual Service Processor 5.0 13

Now that you have entered all the required information the next window will appear like below and it does all setup.

How to install HPE 3par Virtual Service Processor 5.0 14

Now the installation and setup is complete and it would ask you to reboot the Service Processor:

How to install HPE 3par Virtual Service Processor 5.0 15

Post the first reboot after setup the Service Processor log in screen will display. You can use the admin password which you had set up while configuring it.

How to install HPE 3par Virtual Service Processor 5.0 16

Now here comes the main window where you can actually add the 3par storage system to monitor it. Please choose the second option “Add an initialized StoreServ” since 3par storage should already be ready to be added to the service processor.

How to install HPE 3par Virtual Service Processor 5.0 17

Now add the 3par controller (Node) IP address, username and password and click Connect:

How to install HPE 3par Virtual Service Processor 5.0 18

Now the 3par gets added to the Service Processor and the window will appear like below:

How to install HPE 3par Virtual Service Processor 5.0 19

Now you can manage the 3par storage system and and collect many logs to analyze the 3par performance as well. No other action is required and 3par is connected to the Service Processor. You will get same options and web console in physical Service Processor as well. You can refer to the 3par service processor user guide for more information.

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How to Convert an Old Air Condition to a Smart AC | technoworldnow

Air conditioners are used often for personal use or for community purposes. Many people who own a ductless Ac and heating unit at the back of their houses are really very irritated by the conditioner set up they are having in their living. It’s a constant source of disappointment for them.

How to Convert an Old Air Condition to a Smart AC | technoworldnow 20

These Ac don’t have the basic feature related to time and temperature setting or schedule. It’s very hard to think of an Ac without a thermostat and that only works when you use it manually. It is risible, especially in modern times. Although the ductless unit helps with air conditioner, and heating, it will be so irritating for people that they can’t control it. To get rid of this drawback people are switching to Smart Ac.

Smart AC Controller

A fast Google search will clear to you that there are many smart air conditioner controllers available in the market. These superb devices add key missing features to ductless and window AC units.

This is a chunk of a hit-and-miss method as some controllers work, some others don’t work 100% of the time and there are some which rest at least once every few weeks. Make sure that you are fusing with your smart home setup since you have to select from a wide range of automation devices. Here are the two best.

Secsibo Air/Sky – Smart Air Conditioner Controller

According to HuffPost, Sensibo Air – Smart Air Conditioner Controller can haul your ductless AC or Your window-mounted AC into the modern age. As long as it is a matter of your AC, you can control everything with your smartphone. Besides that, it is quick to install and set up which includes some automation. This smart AC controller is unanimous with Home Kit and other smart home platforms. This controller app has some smart rules you set based on things like temperature, humidity, and even your geopositioning, plus you can configure time-based schedules as well.

But in case, if you want those smart features but don’t use a smart home system, there are two types are two versions of the controller that are available. The first one and another one with their own motion detectors.

Cielo Breez/Eco

Smartcave claims that the Plus takes the Eco’s smart AC control to the next level and functions more like a thermostat. It offers physical buttons that turn your cooling system on and off and turn your temperature up and down.

There is a physical display on the controller that offers you a readout of current temperature, set temperature, and humidity levels in the room. These units use a smartphone app that is not famous for its interface design, but it’s easy to use. It is easy to add new devices and control them at the same time.

You can compare your ac usage periodically and track trends, at the same time make sure everything is working correctly. You can analyze the log history of every command your controllers send to your cooling system.

Smart Plugs

Plugging your AC and microwave into smart plugs can help you get control over all these appliances even when you are away from home. You can use or connect smaller appliances like lights and coffee makers to the smart plug and control them via an application as well.

You have to make sure the one you’re buying is unanimous with your ecosystem and has the function you need to get the job done. Every smart plug has a power limit. For devices and smaller appliances, you need a plug that has a limit of 10 to 12 amps, but the bigger gadgets need a plug of amps or more.

As per famous mechanics, there are some that connect to Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Home Kit. Some of the available smart plugs are made by Amazon, Kasa, Gosund, Wemo, etc.  

Smart Thermostats

The best smart thermostat helps you to control your heating and air conditioning even when you’re outside. By connecting your heating and air conditioning system to the internet, you can use your smartphone or a voice assistant to maintain the temperature in your home, putting an end to wasting energy and money by heating an empty home because you’re late. 


Whare are the Google Drive features that make your life easier?

As it is stated that today’s world is Google’s world where we are living. It’s an over-exaggerated statement, it is possible that you might be reading this article in Google chrome only on your Android phone. Or you might be using any other device, but the browser must be Google chrome or you are using Google services.

How to use Google Drive like a pro |

You might be using Google Maps for finding locations, using YouTube, for watching videos from your Google services only. So, it might be possible that you are using Google Drive for your file heavy transfer. So we are here to tell you more about Google Drive.

Offline access for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

Google Drive lets you ingress your documents, sheets, and slides when you are offline and it syncs all the changes once you are back online. The function comes in useful when you want to continue working during your commute or at times when you are not connected to the internet.

For this, you want Google Chrome browser and Google Docs Offline extension for Chrome. You have to sign in to Google Drive and go to settings and check the box that is Create, open and edit your Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files on this device while offline.

Send files and folders on Gmail or other email clients via Google Drive

Google Drive allows you to share links for files and folders uploaded on it. It eases the user’s work as users get relief from the 25MB attachment procedure which is too hectic a job. You have to first upload folders, files to Google Drive, right-click on it and click on the share button. Copy the link, and paste it into the email draft and send it.

Google Drive without downloading on your device.

In the world of consistent connectivity and synced-up content beyond the devices, this Google Drive feature comes in really handy. This feature not only helps us to ingress the saved links, but also helps to save space or storage for your smartphones or laptops. As the name only indicates the feature that permits users to directly save an image or link from a website to Google Drive without saving data locally on any device.

For this, you have to download and save the Google Chrome extension. Right-click on any image or link and select the option Save to Google Drive. You have to just make sure that the extension which is from ‘’ and not some third-party alternatives.

Convert documents

Another very important feature of Google Drive is that it allows users to convert Microsoft Word documents into Google Docs format, PDF, or vice versa.

Search filters

Google is a huge search engine and any Google service is incomplete if it does not give a broad search feature. Google Drive allows you to add filters to searches. For instance, you can search for a particular word file type, owner, date modified, and more.

​One-tap phone backups

Google Drive can also take a complete backup of your device data, whether it may be a laptop, phone. You just have to go to Google Drive, tap on the three horizontal bars at the top left, tap on the setting, and choose Backup. To take a complete backup, click on the Backup Now button.    

Backup for pc and Mac

As One Drive comes as a default backup and sync service on Windows and iCloud on Mac devices, Google Drive also has a client for Windows and Mac that permits users to sync all their important folders and files on Google Drive. All you need to do is to set up Google drive by downloading the client and enable the sync settings.

Translate a document

Google Translate is an indigenous feature of Google Drive. To use this, open Google Docs >Tools and select Google Translate Document. Select the language you want to translate the document into and Google Translate Document. Select the language you want to translate the document into and Google translate will do it.

Drag and Drop to upload files and folders in Google Drive

If you are worried about how to transfer or upload files or folders to Google Drive? Well, you can do this very easily, you just have to drag and drop files to Drive it will upload files to your storage.

​Google Drive can do research for you on a particular topic

Google Drive is so smart that it can analyze the document you are working on currently and also can recommend more good content, images, charts, and graphs from the web.

To ingress this feature, click on the Tools option and choose Explore. A new sidebar will be visible with all the necessary recommendations. You can also search for stuff, whatever you require from the sidebar.  

Capture a screenshot of the entire website

You can use Save to Google Drive for multiple purpose extensions. In addition to saving images and links directly to Google Drive. Users can also use Google Drive to take full screenshots of the page to the website. For this, open the page you want to capture and then click on Save to Google Drive extension.   

Color-coded folders for a better arrangement

Color coding for your folders can help you better arrange your Google Drive. Give particular colors to folders as per your preference. For example, important folders can be red, personal folders can be yellow, and so on.

Extract text from any image

Google Docs gives a built-in OCR reader this means you can extract text from an image without any effort. You just have to find an image in Google Drive or, upload one for that purpose. Right-click and select open with Google Docs. Google Docs will open an image in a new document and automatically will extract all the text from it and will write it down just below the image.

Add-ons like charts, diagram tools, math equation formatting, sign a document, and more.

Google Drive also comes with add-ons that permit the user to add other features that Google does not natively offer. For example, you can link Google Calendar, Tasks, Google keeps to Google Drive. There’s also a built-in add-on explorer where you can find tons of other add-ons like DocuSign which lets you sign a document and more.   

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Whare are the Google Drive features that make your life easier?


15 useful features of Gmail that you may not be aware so far

Gmail is unique and mostly used email services worldwide. As per information, the Google email service had 1.5 billion active users in the year 2021. Google email has all features i.e. Mode, to Passcode, to recalling sent emails, to sending mail without internet connection. And more new features added in the past 17 years. What are the features of Gmail let’s see? 

15 useful features of Gmail that you may not be aware so far 21

Mute emails with long threads to reduce intrusions

15 useful features of Gmail that you may not be aware so far 22

 A lively email thread can be provoking, especially if it doesn’t concern you directly. Gmail has a function that allows users to opt-out of such a thread. The function is known as Mute. You can directly open the email thread and tap on the three dots at the top right and choose the Mute option.

This will shift the conversation to archive and will work for even new messages arrives. In such a case, when you want to check or read such messages, later on, you can head to the Archive section and unmute them.

Auto-advance for a better and categorized Gmail

15 useful features of Gmail that you may not be aware so far 23

Deleting and checking mail can be a mind-numbing task. Here Gmail’s default setting of taking the user back to the opt-out inbox after deleting each email will further quite painful. By enabling the Auto-advance feature you can reduce your efforts. The function permits users to move directly to the next email (older to newer) in the list after the user has deleted, archived, or muted an email.

To use this, go to Setting, Advance-Enable Auto Advance> Save changes

Now, go back to setting >General >Scroll down to Auto Advance and choose to go to next (Newer) conversation >Save changes.

Send heavy attachments Via Google Drive

15 useful features of Gmail that you may not be aware so far 24

Gmail by default permit users to send attachment up to 25MB file size. Nevertheless, you can use Google Drive to send large attachments. You have to first upload the file to Google Drive and then click on the Drive icon in the Compose section and attach the file.

Extended search option

15 useful features of Gmail that you may not be aware so far 25

Gmail is a Google product that will be incomplete if it does not offer a global search option. Gmail has an advanced search function that permits users the option to personalize their searches based on the sender, receiver, keywords, date, and more.

To ingress the advance search, click on the Setting icon on the right side of the search bar.   

Increase call back time for the emails to 30 seconds from 5 seconds   

15 useful features of Gmail that you may not be aware so far 26

Undo send (Recall a send email) is an old function in Gmail. By default, this function gives users 5 seconds window to recall an email. Nothing less, there is an option to increase this to the 5-second window to up to 20 seconds.

To use this, go to the Setting > General >Undo send > choose 30 from the drop-down menu.

You also have 10 and 20 seconds options.   

Use Gmail Nudges to recall you of important emails

15 useful features of Gmail that you may not be aware so far 27

Gmail Nudge function is line up to recall users to reply to important emails or follow up on important emails.

To enable this head to Setting >General>Nudges.

Here two options are visible— Advised emails to reply to and advised email to follow up on. Enable them both if you want to get a notification timely by Gmail regarding a reply or follow-up. 

Schedule an email

15 useful features of Gmail that you may not be aware so far 28

Gmail also has an email scheduling feature where you can compose an email and schedule to send whenever you want as per date and time.

To schedule an email, you have to compose an email and tap on the down-arrow beside the send button, and choose the schedule and send. Then select date and time from the presser options or choose your own by clicking on the pick date and time option.

Smart Compose features to help you write emails faster and easily

15 useful features of Gmail that you may not be aware so far 29

The Smart Compose function in Gmail is lined up to help users write faster. It is powered by machine learning and offers suggestions as one type. Smart Compose is a Google Account-level setting. Changes to the Smart Compose setting are applied where your email id is signed in any of the devices.

You can enable it by heading to Setting >General >Smart Compose.

Another fascinating feature of Gmail that is not known is that you can create a Task directly from Gmail. To use this all you need to do is right-click on any email and select the option Add to tasks.

​Set passcode and expiry to Email with Confidential Mode

15 useful features of Gmail that you may not be aware so far 30

Confidential Mode is a feature that already exists in Gmail that adds a layer of security to email and attachments to secure sensitive information from Known or unauthorized access. With confidential Mode, you can set an expiry date or reverse access at any time. You can also set a Passcode to the emails sent in Confidential Mode.

To use this Confidential Mode, Click on the confidential Mode icon (represented with a clock and lock icon) >select expiration date and SMS Passcode (in any case which you want) and then send the mail. You can set an expiration date between 1 to 5 days.

Gmail also offers offline access mode. This means is that you can read, reply to, and search Gmail without an internet connection All you need to do is enable the function and bookmark Make a note that the feature only works with Chrome.

To enable open Setting > Enable offline mail.

Save attachments directly to Google Drive and access them from anywhere

 Gmail attachments can be directly saved to Google Drive. Just scroll down to the attachment section and rather than the Download icon (down arrow) click on the Drive icon.  

Make Google Translate work rightly inside your Gmail account

Google Translate function can work right inside your Gmail account. It permits the user to translate the entire email into the language required.  For this, you just need to open the email which you want to translate and then click on three dots on the right side of your page. Choose the Translate message tool. Then a new bar will be visible at the top of the mail body from where you can choose your preferred language in which you want to translate.

Create labels to better manage their inbox

15 useful features of Gmail that you may not be aware so far 31

Labels are better than folders when it comes to arranging an inbox. While they work as folders, the only major difference is that you can assign multiple labels to an email and later on you can find the labels by clicking on labels from the left panel. Labels can also be used to search an email or track email. Also, users can arrange emails as per their requirements which they want to follow up or read later.  

Enable the Reading Pane to better utilize the screen space

15 useful features of Gmail that you may not be aware so far 32

Use Gmail’s reading pane, click on the settings > see all settings >scroll down to the reading pane. Here you have to choose between multiple layouts. The recommended ones are right or Below the inbox.

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What are the features of Microsoft Outlook 365?

New features coming on WhatsApp | It will be more fun to use the app.

Instant messaging app WhatsApp keeps on releasing many new features to enhance the experience of the users. Because of this, it is more than another instant messaging app…

New features coming on WhatsApp | It will be more fun to use the app. 33

With this, users will get an even better experience on this app. For this, the company is also testing many new features. Here you will find some similar features of WhatsApp…

But there are more than 2 billion active users. WhatsApp compresses photos and videos so that the system does not crash and messages are delivered without interruption. L…

With this, users will be able to send photos in high-quality too. For this, users will have three options. Users were given the option of Best Quality, Data Saver, Auto…

Can send images as stickers

The use of this feature is going to be fun for many people. According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on this feature. From this…

Can send images as stickers

The use of this feature is going to be fun for many people. According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on this feature. From this…

Deleted Chats can be recovered on WhatsApp, it is a very easy way

If you have also accidentally deleted an important chat, then there are some ways with the help of which you can get your deleted chat back. Let’s know about the two types of methods…

WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging app in the world. We often delete our WhatsApp chat by mistake or sometimes we delete it knowingly, for which user’s later regretted it. We know we can’t get it back, but there are a few ways you can get your deleted chat back. Here, we’re going to tell you two ways to access your deleted chats, which can make many of your tasks easier.

How to Recover WhatsApp Chats: Trick 1:-

 Although all your chats are visible in real-time, you should know that you always have a backup of your chats in your mobile phone and you can retrieve it at any time. This feature is available only for Android users.

1. Open the file manager on your phone.

2- Open the WhatsApp folder in File Manager and click on Database. This folder contains all the WhatsApp backup files.

3- Edit the name of the msgstore.db.crypt12 file by short pressing on it.

4- Name it msgstore_backup.db.crypt12. This process is to avoid replacing it with a new file.(Also read- Samsung’s budget smartphone with 6000mAh battery is getting cheaper than before, will get 48MP camera)

5- Now, rename your latest backup file msgstore.db.crypt12

6- Now go to Google Drive and delete your WhatsApp backup.

7- The next process is to uninstall your WhatsApp and reinstall it.

8- As soon as you click on Restore, after selecting msgstore.db.crypt12 here, select ‘Restore’. Now you are all set. Now you will be able to check your deleted messages.

WhatsApp Chat Recover: Trick 2

You can also recover your WhatsApp chats in other ways. This method can be used by both Android and iOS users. After uninstalling your WhatsApp, reinstall it on your smartphone. When you reinstall it, it will ask permission to restore the backup from iCloud or Google Drive. Now you can restore your backup and check your deleted messages.

If you use WhatsApp, do not make these mistakes even by mistake, otherwise, you can get stuck in big trouble

Instant messaging platform WhatsApp has become an important part of everyone’s life today. The reason for this is that this app has made a place in the lives of all of us. The advantages of WhatsApp are many, but this app also has many disadvantages. We know a lot about the advantages of WhatsApp but not about the disadvantages.

In such a situation, you need to take care of some things while using WhatsApp. Today we are telling you about some such mistakes related to WhatsApp, by not doing it on WhatsApp, you can save your details from leaking as well as avoid going to jail. Let us know about these mistakes in detail:

Never save unknown people’s number

Many times we save the number of the cab, delivery boy, or any service person at that time, and forget to delete it later. In such a situation, on WhatsApp, that person also sees our status from our profile picture. In such a situation, such information of ours goes to those people. That’s why never save the number of unknown people.

Never send porn videos, you can be jailed

Sharing pornographic content on WhatsApp can land you in trouble. If someone reports your account on WhatsApp then WhatsApp can ban your account and also file a police complaint as per its policy. In such a situation, a porn clip can force you to go to jail.

Never give too much information in the profile photo

Whether someone is in your contact or not, your profile photo can be seen by everyone. In such a situation, it is very important to be careful while putting your photo on WhatsApp. You should avoid putting a photo in which the name of a society or your society is visible, and do not put a clicked photo next to the car or bike in which your car-bike number is visible.

Activate the required two-step verification

This is a very important feature of WhatsApp. Through two-step verification, you have to set a 6-digit PIN. This PIN will be required to log in to WhatsApp with your number on any new device. Also, this pin can be asked in the middle. In this era of cyber fraud, keep WhatsApp’s two-step verification active.

Do not forward such messages

We keep getting many types of messages on WhatsApp. Before forwarding any information or news, make sure to check that it is not fake news. Along with this, many fake links are forwarded in the name of free offers and government schemes. Avoid pushing them. Apart from this, do not send messages promoting hate speech against any religion or community.

 Check Your WhatsApp Status Privacy Settings

Whenever you enter a status, do not share it with everyone, share it only with your friends and family members. Because the number of many such people is also saved in our phone with whom it is not necessary to share the status.

Turn off auto-backup

There is an auto-backup feature in WhatsApp, which backs up your messages to Google Drive or iCloud. However, it is worth noting that after reaching the message here, if someone hacks your Google or Apple account, then they can get your chatting. So it would be better to always export the chat and save it in a safe place.


What are the Fraud Android apps which are stealing banking information from mobile phones?

Today’s world is so fast they want everything to be working very fast. Due to this people are using online banking or net banking regularly. The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) is an admonition to Android Phone users with a new malware called Drinik that strives to steal online banking login credentials.

US government launches security review of acquisition of TikTok

The Trojan campaign is said to be attacking more than 27 Indian banks including major public and private sector banks. Here is everything you get in knowledge.

What is the new Drinik Android malware attacking online banking users?

CERT-IN is guiding people, Drinik Android malware is attacking Indian banking users and is extending in the personate of Income Tax refund. It’s a banking Trojan that is capable of hacking screens and induces users to sensitive banking details.

How the new Trojan does get installed on the Android Phone?

As per the study of CERT-IN, The victim receives the massage or SMS mentioning the link of hacker website (Similar to the income tax department, Government of India) Where the user is asked to enter personal information and download and install the spiteful APK file to complete verification. This spiteful Android app disguise as the Income Tax Department app.

Let’s study what personal data gets stolen by Drinik

The data include full name, PAN, Aadhaar number, address, date of birth, mobile number, email address, and financial details like account number, IFSC code, CIF number, debit card number, expiry date, CVV, and PIN.

How did all details get stolen by the Trojan?

After the personal information is entered by the user, the app states that there is

Income Tax amount that could be transferred to the user’s bank account. When the victim enters the amount and clicks on “Transfer” the application displays the error and shows the fake update screens. While the screen for installation update is shown. Malware in the backend sends the victim’s details information including SMS and call logs to the hacker’s machine.

How to stay safe or beware of the hackers; Disable the App download from unknown sources on your Android Phone setting.

CERT-IN suggests limiting your download sources from official app stores only, such as device manufacturers or operating app stores like Google play reduce the risk.

Verify app permission before installing an app

Verify app permissions and give only those permissions which have applicable context for the app’s motive. Do not permit the “Untrusted Sources” checkbox to install side-loaded apps.

Things should you avoid staying safe from hackers.

Do not visit untrusted websites or follow untrusted links and exercise precaution while clicking on the links furnished in any unrequested emails and SMSs.

Always look for doubtful numbers that don’t look like real mobile phone numbers. Fraudulent often cover their identity by using email to text services to avoid their actual phone number.

 Practice being careful towards shortened URLs, Such as those involving bit lay and viral.

Users are suggested to float their cursors over the shortened URLs (If possible) to see the full website domain which they visit or use a ‘URL checker that will avoid the users to use flake or hackers short URL and view full URL.  Users can also use the services which are meant for a full preview of the URL.  


How to install 3par Virtual Service Processor 4.4

Service processor is a very useful tool to monitor the and respond to 3par storage activity, reports and incidents occurring round the clock.

How to install 3par Virtual Service Processor 4.4 34

3par Service Processor has many advantage to manage and monitor the 3par storage system for day to day activity.

Here we’ll discuss the installation of 3par Virtual Service Processor step by step.

3par Virtual Service Processor needs to be downloaded from the hpe website :

How to install 3par Virtual Service Processor 4.4 35

You need to have a passport account to log in to the hpe software site. Once you log in you will get options to download all the software related to the hpe 3par.

Now you need to download either hyper-v or ESX vmware Virtual Service Processor ISO and prerequisite needs to made available. It can be installed as a virtual appliance. The downloaded file will appear like below:

How to install 3par Virtual Service Processor 4.4 36
HPE 3PAR Service Processor is a support device implemented as an appliance on either a Physical or Virtual environment

Virtual Service Processor versions:

HPE 3PAR Virtual Service Processor : Virtual SP 4.1

HPE 3PAR Virtual Service Processor : Virtual SP 4.2

HPE 3PAR Virtual Service Processor : Virtual SP 4.3

HPE 3PAR Virtual Service Processor : Virtual SP 4.4

HPE 3PAR Virtual Service Processor : Virtual SP 5.0

Post downloading the virtual SP ISO image you can double click on it / extract to find out the OVF file

How to install 3par Virtual Service Processor 4.4 37

Now double click on the OVF file and click Import. Now it will build a virtual appliance and to power on. The file name would mount in the Esx as – rhel_Vsp-4.4.0.GA-22

How to install 3par Virtual Service Processor 4.4 38

Post importing the virtual appliance is ready to power on. While powering on it will load and go through many installation phases:

How to install 3par Virtual Service Processor 4.4 39

Finally it comes to log in screen:

How to install 3par Virtual Service Processor 4.4 40

Here we need to use the detault login account as 3parcust and password 3parInServ.

Note: Default user: 3parcust, password: 3parInServ / user: admin, password : 3parInServ.

When you log in with 3parcust it may say – The SP Moment of Birth has not been completed!! Please login as root and answer the questions!!!! Press enter to continue.

How to install 3par Virtual Service Processor 4.4 41

Now press enter and enter username as root:

How to install 3par Virtual Service Processor 4.4 42

Then follow the onscreen instruction:

How to install 3par Virtual Service Processor 4.4 43

Now you need to enter the 3par serial number which you want to connect to service processor:

How to install 3par Virtual Service Processor 4.4 44

Enter your network details and follow the further instructions.

How to install 3par Virtual Service Processor 4.4 45

You can choose a country of your choice:

How to install 3par Virtual Service Processor 4.4 46

Site specific information also needed:

How to install 3par Virtual Service Processor 4.4 47

Now you can complete the MOB of Virtual Service Processor. Please note that some of the configuration or information may not pass however all those configuration can be done later as well. So please go ahead and complete the MOB.

How to install 3par Virtual Service Processor 4.4 48

It will show the configuration summary which we should not be worried about even something shows failed as it can be configured later as well.

How to install 3par Virtual Service Processor 4.4 49

Now it would reboot again and prompt to log in. You can log with user : 3pacust and password: 3parInServ.

How to install 3par Virtual Service Processor 4.4 50

Now you can perform additional Service Processor configuration:

How to install 3par Virtual Service Processor 4.4 51

If you choose 1st option then inbound / outbound related network can be configured:

How to install 3par Virtual Service Processor 4.4 52

If you want to disable the Service Processor firewall or modify the settings you can choose the 2nd option:

How to install 3par Virtual Service Processor 4.4 53

Now you can try to access the SPOCC (Service Processor Onsite Customer Care) which the web interface of the virtual and physical service processors in 3par storage. For example if you have given the IP for the virtual Service Processor as then you can use : and username : 3parcust, password: 3parInServ:

How to install 3par Virtual Service Processor 4.4 54

Post login successfully you can see below screen:

How to install 3par Virtual Service Processor 4.4 55

Now you can perform several operation related to 3par such as:

  • Monitoring
  • Log collection
  • HPE support engineers can access 3par remotely
  • Manage 3par using Service Processor without direct log in to 3par arrays.
  • Perform Service Processor OS upgrade
  • Perform 3par OS upgrade
  • Enable call home feature which a continuous monitoring of 3par storage systems by IRS servers.

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What is Veritas NetBackup and How does NetBackup work?

In NetBackup concepts we’ll discuss the common terminology and how backup and restore functions.

What is Veritas NetBackup and How does NetBackup work? 56

We know that one of the import part of NetBackup is backup policy and it has some different options to choose to create a backup job (backup policy) such as Attributes, Schedules, Clients and Backup Selections. Lets looks at these options below:

NetBackup policies: the heart and soul of NetBackup

What is Veritas NetBackup and How does NetBackup work? 57

The first option is Attributes which talks about how the backup will be performed like and where the backup images will be saved. The Schedules talks about what types of backups will run like Full backups / Differential Incremental backups / Cumulative Incremental backup, when the backup should run and how long the the backups data will be retained.

The Clients option is a list of clients and which clients should be backed up in this policy. The Backup Selections tells us which client or data should we backup in the policy. All these information is stored in a centralized way in the NetBackup Master server.

Note. Latest NetBackup version may have more backup policy options and additional tabs or additional settings for specific product such as Vmware, Oracle besides the above for options. For more information please visit link:

Backup storage types

What is Veritas NetBackup and How does NetBackup work? 58

While initiating a backup job to send the client’s data to storage device NetBackup collects all these information and it is called backup image. NetBackup takes this backup image and sends it to a backup storage destination such as a disk, tape or OST storage. It can also be SAN storage or NetBackup appliance or third party appliances.

Another backup destination is cloud storage and NetBackup supports a verity of cloud vendors as well.

The NetBackup Catalog

What is Veritas NetBackup and How does NetBackup work? 59

Catalog is a very critical data of backup application and it contains information about NetBackup environment and index about all the data that have been backed up and can be restored. The catalog is kept in the Master server.

The NetBackup Catalog is broken up into two sections :

The NetBackup database (NBDB) – The NBDB is a proper relational database and stores information about media and device data which also known as EMM (Enterprise Media Manager) and also stores a lot of other information as well.

NetBackup configuration files – This stores information about the NetBackup environment however it is not stored with relational database. It keeps some add hoc files information like policy, schedule, attributes etc.

One of the largest part of database is image database which is partially stored in NetBackup database and partially in NetBackup configuration files. Also, it is configuration file which takes largest part in the catalog area. The catalogs file keeps growing as the NetBackup gets older in an environment.

The data backup process

What is Veritas NetBackup and How does NetBackup work? 60

Lets discuss how the data backup works in NetBackup. So the way we perform backup it stores centrally in the Master server within the backup policy. When the NetBackup scheduler runs to determine that it is a time to run a backup > a media server is chosen to perform that backup > Now the media server will read the backup from the client machine > and send that data as an image > to the storage destination be it a disk, tape or other storage. The media server can be the same system which is a Master server as well.

What is Veritas NetBackup and How does NetBackup work? 61

During the backup the backed up data information is sent to the Master server and that information is going to be stored as catalog in the master server. Now when the backup is complete we can see the result of the backup through the job logs to find out if it has failed or successful. If failed then why it has failed.

The data restore process

What is Veritas NetBackup and How does NetBackup work? 62

During the restore process, the restore job is initiated by a backup administrator from the Master server or by a client > The restore job connects to the Master server and initiates the restore job > Now the Master server assigns a media server to perform the restore of actual data > Now the backup image on the storage device is read by the media server and actual data to be restore is sent to the destined client > As the process is progressing we can see the status of the job in NetBackup logs and reports.

What is Veritas NetBackup and How does NetBackup work? 63

For more information please visit : > Backup and Recovery > NetBackup

NetBackup clients and agents

What is Veritas NetBackup and How does NetBackup work? 64

The above is the list of clients and agents supported. The first three clients are the Standard clients, Enterprise clients and Application and Database Pack. Other client like Enterprise Vault does not require any additional license. It is advisable to check Veritas NetBackup website for current and updated supported agents.

NetBackup Options

What is Veritas NetBackup and How does NetBackup work? 65

NetBackup also provides a of comprehensive selection of performance, security and storage management options to match your backup and recovery need in your environment.

Some of the options are listed here including data protection and optimization option which provides deduplication and acceleration functionality. The NetBackup shared storage option provides a shared tape drive across media servers.

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