Backup Exec 20 Installation Guide Step by Step

Here we’ll discuss Backup Exec 20.5 Installation step by step. It is important to keeps in mind the prerequisites while installing Backup Exec 20 to better performance.

While installing Backup Exec 20 we need to ensure that we meet it’s minimum system requirement for smooth performance and stability that includes hardware, software and other requirements.

Backup Exec server (Media Server) can be installed on 64 bit operating system only. It can not be installed on any windows core operating system like Windows Server 2008/2012/2012R2/2016. However, only remote agent can be installed on windows core operating system.

Backup Exec can not be installed on windows 2008 SQL or SQL express which is Read Only Domain Controller (RODC) role. In order to use SQL / SQL express it requires the local user account which Read Only Domain Controller does not allow. However if Backup Exec is installed on RODC server then remote SQL instance can be used for Backup Exec Database.

Remote Agent for windows also can not be installed on deduplication volume or ReFS volume.

Below are the additional requirement:

-Internet explorer 9 or later

-Intel 64, Xeon (64bit), AMD64, or compatible processor

-Screen resolution 1024 x 768

-SQL Express 2014 SP2 default instance for Database repository

-Minimum RAM 1 GB, recommended 2 GB or more

– 1.26 GB of Disk space for typical installation

-1.91 GB of Disk space for all options installation

Note: Disk space requirement depends upon the features, options and configuration being used. Additional space would also be required for Database, Catalogs and SQL Express.

Other hardware requirement include NIC card or Virtual network card, CD/DVD drive and a mouse

You can use storage device for data storage which are Disk storage (internal / external) / stand alone tape drive / Robotic Tape Library / Removeable storage devices and non – removeable hard drives.

Note: Backup exec included one tape drive with a robotic tape library by default however tape library with more than one tape drive, Backup Exec Library Expansion Option license is required.

For more details on compatible storage devices please visit:

Now lets start the Backup Exec 20 Installation

Before we start the installation of Backup Exec 20 we need to download the ISO image from Veritas website. If you have a CD/DVD drive then you can burn the ISO image to a cd/dvd and then insert it for installation. If you don’t have the cd/dvd drive in the server then you can use a third party software like Daemon and mount the ISO image as virtual drive for installation.

You can also mount the ISO image as a virtual drive if you are installing it on Vmware / hyper-v virtual machine:

Once you mount the ISO then you can click Open AutoPlay or Open

Post opening the virtual drive you find below option and click Browser for to start the installation

Then the next screen comes up like below. You can click for Getting started, Pre-instalation or Install Products if you want to know about these option.

To start installation you can click Installation option left side and then you get three option: Backup Exec, Backup Exec Agent for Windows and Simplified Disaster Recovery Disk Creation Wizard. To install Backup Exec, choose “Backup Exec”.

When you click Backup Exec then you get below option so click Install to begin installation

Once you click install then installation begins:

Next screen requires you to choose the license agreement then go next

During installation you get two option to choose Typical installation and Custom installation. Typical is regular installation and Custom options are as listed below

First phase of Backup Exec installation checks computer environment

The next window gives you the option to add the license which is optional. You can install it later also. By default Backup Exec comes with 60 days of trial and you can use all the agent and options.

The next window needs you to put admin password for Backup Exec administrator account which is different than your windows administrator account.

During Backup Exec installation it gives you the option to add one or more remote agent server which you want to backup. However this is optional and not mandatory now and can be done later as well.

Now the final installation begins which will take 20-30 minutes to finish

Now the installation completes

Post installation it requires a reboot

Post reboot of the server you see Backup Exec icon on the desktop

Finally here is the User Interface of the Backup Exec 20

This is the Backup Exec server which is also known as Media Server. Now post installing the Backup Exec software it is not ready to perform any operation. You need to configure storage devices.

You can also add remote servers which you want to backup / protect data. Any remote server which you want to add will require remote agent installation in order to communicate with Backup server.

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