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How to Scan, Copy and Print Documents from Mobile Phone?

Since we are living in a digital world today everything seems to be going to be digital and so are all our important document. We often need to scan and copy our documents which can be done by using our mobile camera.

As smart mobile phones are being used widely it also has several advantages and feature which we always ignore or do not use them. One of the most useful feature of a smart phone is the camera. By using your mobile phone camera you can scan all your documents in A4 size which is a standard scan, copy and print size with very good resolution and with immaculate quality.

Here we’ll discuss the tips and tricks to scan, copy and print documents using our mobile phone camera.

There are many apps available to do the job however the one I use which does the amazing job is Clear Scan. This is a free document scanner app available in google play store.

1.You can install this app in your mobile phone

2. Then you it shows the camera to scan the document

3. Scan the document

4. Once you scan a document and if that is not captured properly if camera was shaking then don’t worry you can still fix it by adjusting the border. You can simply adjust the green border line to fit the frame properly and make it look good.

5. You also get the option to give a name to the scan documents and add your digital signature as well. A customized text can also be added to the scanned document which makes it look more professional with your added signature.

6. Now if want to add some text it allows you to customize the text size, color, brightness, text alignment and zoom in / out the text etc.

7. It also allow to add a title to each scanned document so that all the documents should not be mixed up.

8. The feature which I liked is that it allows you to add an image as well to the scanned document which makes it more professional and it is kind of wonderful editing as well following the step 5

9. You can copy and print all your scanned documents

10. You can easily copy all the scanned documents multiple times

11. Another important point to note is that all the scanned and copied documents are saved in the and can be found only the app however you can move these documents to gallery and phone storage.

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