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What are the Fraud Android apps which are stealing banking information from mobile phones?

Today’s world is so fast they want everything to be working very fast. Due to this people are using online banking or net banking regularly. The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) is an admonition to Android Phone users with a new malware called Drinik that strives to steal online banking login credentials.

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The Trojan campaign is said to be attacking more than 27 Indian banks including major public and private sector banks. Here is everything you get in knowledge.

What is the new Drinik Android malware attacking online banking users?

CERT-IN is guiding people, Drinik Android malware is attacking Indian banking users and is extending in the personate of Income Tax refund. It’s a banking Trojan that is capable of hacking screens and induces users to sensitive banking details.

How the new Trojan does get installed on the Android Phone?

As per the study of CERT-IN, The victim receives the massage or SMS mentioning the link of hacker website (Similar to the income tax department, Government of India) Where the user is asked to enter personal information and download and install the spiteful APK file to complete verification. This spiteful Android app disguise as the Income Tax Department app.

Let’s study what personal data gets stolen by Drinik

The data include full name, PAN, Aadhaar number, address, date of birth, mobile number, email address, and financial details like account number, IFSC code, CIF number, debit card number, expiry date, CVV, and PIN.

How did all details get stolen by the Trojan?

After the personal information is entered by the user, the app states that there is

Income Tax amount that could be transferred to the user’s bank account. When the victim enters the amount and clicks on “Transfer” the application displays the error and shows the fake update screens. While the screen for installation update is shown. Malware in the backend sends the victim’s details information including SMS and call logs to the hacker’s machine.

How to stay safe or beware of the hackers; Disable the App download from unknown sources on your Android Phone setting.

CERT-IN suggests limiting your download sources from official app stores only, such as device manufacturers or operating app stores like Google play reduce the risk.

Verify app permission before installing an app

Verify app permissions and give only those permissions which have applicable context for the app’s motive. Do not permit the “Untrusted Sources” checkbox to install side-loaded apps.

Things should you avoid staying safe from hackers.

Do not visit untrusted websites or follow untrusted links and exercise precaution while clicking on the links furnished in any unrequested emails and SMSs.

Always look for doubtful numbers that don’t look like real mobile phone numbers. Fraudulent often cover their identity by using email to text services to avoid their actual phone number.

 Practice being careful towards shortened URLs, Such as those involving bit lay and viral.

Users are suggested to float their cursors over the shortened URLs (If possible) to see the full website domain which they visit or use a ‘URL checker that will avoid the users to use flake or hackers short URL and view full URL.  Users can also use the services which are meant for a full preview of the URL.  


How to Transfer files from Mobile Phone to laptop wirelessly

Since today we are capturing and saving most of the data in our mobile phones we very often feel the need to transfer them quickly to our laptops as well.

Woman Using Smartphone and Laptop

Transferring files between devices is not a big deal normally however sometimes it can be hard if you run out of storage space in your portable devices, or don’t have a USB flash drive or micro USB to USB adapter. The it might be difficult to move the data from an android phone to an iPhone.

Usually we transfer our files, photos, music files and videos from our mobiles to laptops or PCs via Bluetooth and connecting USB cables but now we have many Apps which can help us to transfer all our important files instantly. Lets check some of the mostly used Apps to transfer our favorite files from our smart phones to laptops and pcs wirelessly and quickly.



|Take a File

|Send Anywhere


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XShare allow you to transfer any type of files instantly without any mobile data consumption. It also transfers all the images, photos, videos etc securely and privately. As soon as you install this app it reads out the phone storage and tell you used and remaining storage space along with all the application and files stored. It shows you all the document with file extension as well.

You can share and receive all the files, apps, images, videos, music to other devices. It gives the root level access to your mobile phone in grid folders. You can track all the sent and receive files by history option as well. While you try to share your files to other device it opens your phone GPS and generates a QR code to share with other device. Once you scan the code file are ready to transfer.


Feem version 4 can be used to share files from a smartphone to other devices in the nearby. It will automatically detect and lists all the devices which have same app installed and connected to the same wireless network. You can also switch on Wi-Fi Direct to turn your device into a Wi-Fi hotspot to transfer files. Both the methods do not required internet access and files are exchanged over a secure connection which is encrypted as well. This is faster, more efficient and secure than Bluetooth as well.

Feem also has a chat feature so that you can exchange chat messages while transferring the files once the connection is established and data transfer is in progress. All these missives are deleted automatically after 24 hours. It also makes the transfer process faster since devices are connected on Wi-Fi and do not rely on internet speed or mobile network. Feem will resume the session as well in case if a device gets disconnected.

This app is also allows you transfer files between PCs with OS like windows, Mac and Linux and smartphone using android and iOS. Now the iOS can transfer images, videos and documents however an android would let you share the apps installed in your as well in APK files so that receiver does not need to download the shared app again.

Take a File

Take a file is similar to NitroShare but makes the file available to multiple people outside your home network. It is a browser-based service that uses the peer-to-peer (P2P) files sharing concept to share files over the internet in real time. When you choose Live Transfer mode you will be able to share a file of any size and type. You just have to share the web link with the recipient.

A real-time transfer starts when a receiver clicks on the web link. This takes place via the web browser, so the only drawback is that you need to keep your computer on and and browser tab open till the file transfer is complete. Take a File shows the number of users that are downloading your file along with a progress bar of the percentage and transfer rate for reach connection.


NitroShare lets you share files between PCs running different operating systems on your home network. This is useful when you do not have a high capacity USB flash drive or need to transfer large files. Normally, you would have to follow some steps to share a folder on the network so that other computers can access its contents. But with NitroShare, you only need to install the software. It quickly discovers devices on the local network that also have this tool installed.

The process is simple and transfers are seamless. Transfer speeds are however, dependent on the quality of the network connection since it depends on it. But it also come with its own hassle free file sharing.

Send Anywhere

This application requires an internet connection but it is for times when you want to transfer files without emailing or signing up for a cloud storage service. The other advantage is you do not have to deal with restrictions on file size and type either. You can upload any file, a contact, photo, audio, apps (APK file), video or an entire folder of any size.

Before the file is sent, Send Anywhere creates a six-digit code. Recipients can get file by entering this access code via the app or the website. Data is sent directly and securely over an encrypted connection to the receiver. Apart from the code it also has the option to share a link via email for deferred downloads. This requires registration and has a 10 file size limit. Here, Send Anywhere stores the files temporarily for up to 24 hours. It supports Android, iOS and Web.

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