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Whare are the Google Drive features that make your life easier?

As it is stated that today’s world is Google’s world where we are living. It’s an over-exaggerated statement, it is possible that you might be reading this article in Google chrome only on your Android phone. Or you might be using any other device, but the browser must be Google chrome or you are using Google services.

How to use Google Drive like a pro |

You might be using Google Maps for finding locations, using YouTube, for watching videos from your Google services only. So, it might be possible that you are using Google Drive for your file heavy transfer. So we are here to tell you more about Google Drive.

Offline access for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

Google Drive lets you ingress your documents, sheets, and slides when you are offline and it syncs all the changes once you are back online. The function comes in useful when you want to continue working during your commute or at times when you are not connected to the internet.

For this, you want Google Chrome browser and Google Docs Offline extension for Chrome. You have to sign in to Google Drive and go to settings and check the box that is Create, open and edit your Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files on this device while offline.

Send files and folders on Gmail or other email clients via Google Drive

Google Drive allows you to share links for files and folders uploaded on it. It eases the user’s work as users get relief from the 25MB attachment procedure which is too hectic a job. You have to first upload folders, files to Google Drive, right-click on it and click on the share button. Copy the link, and paste it into the email draft and send it.

Google Drive without downloading on your device.

In the world of consistent connectivity and synced-up content beyond the devices, this Google Drive feature comes in really handy. This feature not only helps us to ingress the saved links, but also helps to save space or storage for your smartphones or laptops. As the name only indicates the feature that permits users to directly save an image or link from a website to Google Drive without saving data locally on any device.

For this, you have to download and save the Google Chrome extension. Right-click on any image or link and select the option Save to Google Drive. You have to just make sure that the extension which is from ‘’ and not some third-party alternatives.

Convert documents

Another very important feature of Google Drive is that it allows users to convert Microsoft Word documents into Google Docs format, PDF, or vice versa.

Search filters

Google is a huge search engine and any Google service is incomplete if it does not give a broad search feature. Google Drive allows you to add filters to searches. For instance, you can search for a particular word file type, owner, date modified, and more.

​One-tap phone backups

Google Drive can also take a complete backup of your device data, whether it may be a laptop, phone. You just have to go to Google Drive, tap on the three horizontal bars at the top left, tap on the setting, and choose Backup. To take a complete backup, click on the Backup Now button.    

Backup for pc and Mac

As One Drive comes as a default backup and sync service on Windows and iCloud on Mac devices, Google Drive also has a client for Windows and Mac that permits users to sync all their important folders and files on Google Drive. All you need to do is to set up Google drive by downloading the client and enable the sync settings.

Translate a document

Google Translate is an indigenous feature of Google Drive. To use this, open Google Docs >Tools and select Google Translate Document. Select the language you want to translate the document into and Google Translate Document. Select the language you want to translate the document into and Google translate will do it.

Drag and Drop to upload files and folders in Google Drive

If you are worried about how to transfer or upload files or folders to Google Drive? Well, you can do this very easily, you just have to drag and drop files to Drive it will upload files to your storage.

​Google Drive can do research for you on a particular topic

Google Drive is so smart that it can analyze the document you are working on currently and also can recommend more good content, images, charts, and graphs from the web.

To ingress this feature, click on the Tools option and choose Explore. A new sidebar will be visible with all the necessary recommendations. You can also search for stuff, whatever you require from the sidebar.  

Capture a screenshot of the entire website

You can use Save to Google Drive for multiple purpose extensions. In addition to saving images and links directly to Google Drive. Users can also use Google Drive to take full screenshots of the page to the website. For this, open the page you want to capture and then click on Save to Google Drive extension.   

Color-coded folders for a better arrangement

Color coding for your folders can help you better arrange your Google Drive. Give particular colors to folders as per your preference. For example, important folders can be red, personal folders can be yellow, and so on.

Extract text from any image

Google Docs gives a built-in OCR reader this means you can extract text from an image without any effort. You just have to find an image in Google Drive or, upload one for that purpose. Right-click and select open with Google Docs. Google Docs will open an image in a new document and automatically will extract all the text from it and will write it down just below the image.

Add-ons like charts, diagram tools, math equation formatting, sign a document, and more.

Google Drive also comes with add-ons that permit the user to add other features that Google does not natively offer. For example, you can link Google Calendar, Tasks, Google keeps to Google Drive. There’s also a built-in add-on explorer where you can find tons of other add-ons like DocuSign which lets you sign a document and more.   

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Whare are the Google Drive features that make your life easier?


15 useful features of Gmail that you may not be aware so far

Gmail is unique and mostly used email services worldwide. As per information, the Google email service had 1.5 billion active users in the year 2021. Google email has all features i.e. Mode, to Passcode, to recalling sent emails, to sending mail without internet connection. And more new features added in the past 17 years. What are the features of Gmail let’s see? 

Mute emails with long threads to reduce intrusions

 A lively email thread can be provoking, especially if it doesn’t concern you directly. Gmail has a function that allows users to opt-out of such a thread. The function is known as Mute. You can directly open the email thread and tap on the three dots at the top right and choose the Mute option.

This will shift the conversation to archive and will work for even new messages arrives. In such a case, when you want to check or read such messages, later on, you can head to the Archive section and unmute them.

Auto-advance for a better and categorized Gmail

Deleting and checking mail can be a mind-numbing task. Here Gmail’s default setting of taking the user back to the opt-out inbox after deleting each email will further quite painful. By enabling the Auto-advance feature you can reduce your efforts. The function permits users to move directly to the next email (older to newer) in the list after the user has deleted, archived, or muted an email.

To use this, go to Setting, Advance-Enable Auto Advance> Save changes

Now, go back to setting >General >Scroll down to Auto Advance and choose to go to next (Newer) conversation >Save changes.

Send heavy attachments Via Google Drive

Gmail by default permit users to send attachment up to 25MB file size. Nevertheless, you can use Google Drive to send large attachments. You have to first upload the file to Google Drive and then click on the Drive icon in the Compose section and attach the file.

Extended search option

Gmail is a Google product that will be incomplete if it does not offer a global search option. Gmail has an advanced search function that permits users the option to personalize their searches based on the sender, receiver, keywords, date, and more.

To ingress the advance search, click on the Setting icon on the right side of the search bar.   

Increase call back time for the emails to 30 seconds from 5 seconds   

Undo send (Recall a send email) is an old function in Gmail. By default, this function gives users 5 seconds window to recall an email. Nothing less, there is an option to increase this to the 5-second window to up to 20 seconds.

To use this, go to the Setting > General >Undo send > choose 30 from the drop-down menu.

You also have 10 and 20 seconds options.   

Use Gmail Nudges to recall you of important emails

Gmail Nudge function is line up to recall users to reply to important emails or follow up on important emails.

To enable this head to Setting >General>Nudges.

Here two options are visible— Advised emails to reply to and advised email to follow up on. Enable them both if you want to get a notification timely by Gmail regarding a reply or follow-up. 

Schedule an email

Gmail also has an email scheduling feature where you can compose an email and schedule to send whenever you want as per date and time.

To schedule an email, you have to compose an email and tap on the down-arrow beside the send button, and choose the schedule and send. Then select date and time from the presser options or choose your own by clicking on the pick date and time option.

Smart Compose features to help you write emails faster and easily

The Smart Compose function in Gmail is lined up to help users write faster. It is powered by machine learning and offers suggestions as one type. Smart Compose is a Google Account-level setting. Changes to the Smart Compose setting are applied where your email id is signed in any of the devices.

You can enable it by heading to Setting >General >Smart Compose.

Another fascinating feature of Gmail that is not known is that you can create a Task directly from Gmail. To use this all you need to do is right-click on any email and select the option Add to tasks.

​Set passcode and expiry to Email with Confidential Mode

Confidential Mode is a feature that already exists in Gmail that adds a layer of security to email and attachments to secure sensitive information from Known or unauthorized access. With confidential Mode, you can set an expiry date or reverse access at any time. You can also set a Passcode to the emails sent in Confidential Mode.

To use this Confidential Mode, Click on the confidential Mode icon (represented with a clock and lock icon) >select expiration date and SMS Passcode (in any case which you want) and then send the mail. You can set an expiration date between 1 to 5 days.

Gmail also offers offline access mode. This means is that you can read, reply to, and search Gmail without an internet connection All you need to do is enable the function and bookmark Make a note that the feature only works with Chrome.

To enable open Setting > Enable offline mail.

Save attachments directly to Google Drive and access them from anywhere

 Gmail attachments can be directly saved to Google Drive. Just scroll down to the attachment section and rather than the Download icon (down arrow) click on the Drive icon.  

Make Google Translate work rightly inside your Gmail account

Google Translate function can work right inside your Gmail account. It permits the user to translate the entire email into the language required.  For this, you just need to open the email which you want to translate and then click on three dots on the right side of your page. Choose the Translate message tool. Then a new bar will be visible at the top of the mail body from where you can choose your preferred language in which you want to translate.

Create labels to better manage their inbox

Labels are better than folders when it comes to arranging an inbox. While they work as folders, the only major difference is that you can assign multiple labels to an email and later on you can find the labels by clicking on labels from the left panel. Labels can also be used to search an email or track email. Also, users can arrange emails as per their requirements which they want to follow up or read later.  

Enable the Reading Pane to better utilize the screen space

Use Gmail’s reading pane, click on the settings > see all settings >scroll down to the reading pane. Here you have to choose between multiple layouts. The recommended ones are right or Below the inbox.

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What are the features of Microsoft Outlook 365?

How to Send Confidential and Secure Email using Gmail

Gmail which is also known as google mail is a very common email platform which is used by world wide and it is absolutely free with huge number of features.

Google has been offering several amazing features for free for years and most of the features are very useful and we all love it. Now Google has come up with another feature in Gmail which by you can send a confidential email which is secure as well.

By using confidential email option you can send the email that will open with a passcode. The recipient will not be able to send to someone, forward, copy or print or download this email. Not only these, you can set an expiry date for this email for a particular time so that the person will not have the access to this email for forever.

Send Confidential email using Desktop

Open Gmail and click Compose:

Now you can write your email and at the bottom click the Clock sign:

Note: You can schedule you email by clicking the drop down option of Send and select Schedule Send

It opens the confidential mode and you can read the disclaimer : Recipient won’t have the options to forward, copy, print or download this email.

You can select the expiry date from the drop down and Save. Once you click Save then confidential option will be applied for period of : Expires in 1 day, Expires in 1 week, Expires in 1 month, Expires in 3 months, Expires in 5 years:

You also have the option to set a password / passcode for this email so that when the recipient will need a passcode to read email. To enable to passcode choose option: SMS passcode and Save:

Now once you save the confidential email it shows the expiry date in your composed email before sending:

Post sending this confidential email with SMS Passcode enabled the other person will receive the email like below:

When you click “View the email” it opens like below and asks to send a password on the phone number:

Upon entering the passcode the user will be able to read the email:

The view email will redirect back to Gmail which was originally composed:

Send Confidential email using Mobile

Open the mobile Gmail App:

The click the 3 dots which are on right side:

Now click Confidential mode and create a confidential email:

You can also schedule your email by choosing the option Schedule send.

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What are the features of Microsoft Outlook 365?

Microsoft Outlook has changed the way we send and receive email messages now a days. It has many amazing features to communicate effectively by email messaging.

Microsoft Outlook is now is much more that any regular mail box. It efficiently organizes your emails, contacts, calendars, appointments, reminders and many important things. Here we’ll discuss the features and options of Microsoft Outlook in details to use is more efficiently.

Adding Email Account

To add an email account we need to go to File option on the tope left side

Once you click the File option you get below options to Add Account

Now click Add Account and enter your email address and password as below:

Post adding your email address and password you get completion windows saying that Account successfully added and it happens automatically however you also have Advance options in case you want to add your email manually.

Now you will see your newly added email account or you may need to restart the Outlook to show up the added email account. You see a welcome email in your inbox.

How to delete an email account

Now lets check how to delete an email account from Microsoft Outlook 365. In order to delete the added email account we need to go to File option again as above by clicking top left side. So go to File >Info > Account Settings > Account settings

Now you can select the email address which you want to remove and click Remove to delete.

Note – you can add any email like your Gmail or Yahoo as well.

New Email

Once you try to create a new email you get options like From – Sender, To – Recipient and CC – Not direct contact but can respond or intervene if main contacts are not responding. If you click on To option it give below option to select the contacts. You can select the contacts and click To so that all the contacts will be added in one go and click OK.

In this windows you can select the contacts, Carbon copy (CC) and Blind carbon copy (BCC) as well. Once you all the desired contacts selected you can draft the email and send across.

Now if you want to save the email or print the email before you send you can click File option top left side and > Save / Save As > Print > Move to Folder

If want to use more options to in new email then lest check below options:


You can modify the font style and size. If numbering has to be pointed you can choose many bullet formats. Text alignment option is also available. Address book is available to choose the contacts as recipient which actually saves time and avoids writing contacts email manually. Attach file options allows to attach any file, folder, image, text file, zip file etc. Attach item allows to attach any email which you may have saved before.


Signature option is a way to set up your identity in the email message. You can add your name, email address and any specific message for your recipient such as your designation, certification, availability, working hours and days etc.

Follow up

Follow up is a very useful feature to remind you that you need to follow up on a specific day or time. If you send an email with a follow up set, it will keep reminding you of this email with a red flag. You also have the Add Reminder option that can be set for any email.

Right Click on inbox or sent message

If you right click on any email such as sent email or inbox email it shows many useful option to perform as one’s need:


The Dictate option allow your to draft an email without typing any letter or without touching the keyboard. You just need to enable the Dictate option > it detects your microphone and start speaking your message and it would write automatically. Dictate feature is available in many languages.

View Templates

The Template option is very useful for instant email message. It has some pre-defined email. You can set up your own email template as well.

Show Training

The Microsoft Outlook 365 show training option is a complete guideline for several amazing feature present the outlook. You can go to the tutorial and learn many useful lesson to manage the outlook emails in a more professional way.

Contact Support

How to set up Skype / Teams Meeting in Outlook?

Outlook provides an option to set up a web meeting as well. You can go to Home tab > Meeting >Title as subject > Required to select member > Optional is for optional member > select Data and Time > Location (optional).

Now you can add Skype or Teams Meeting for people to join on the decided date and time.

Create Rule

Email rules can be created a well to filter any specific email and to save them in a particular folder. You can check more options available.

Get Add – Ins

Microsoft has come with many third party vendor application which can be integrated with Outlook. There are number of applications available that can be added to the Microsoft Outlook as per your need like Salesforce, Leave request for outlook, Translator for outlook, Hub spot sales, Smartsheet, Custom signatures, Emojis, Zoho CRM for email and many more. However some are free and some may need additional purchase.

Create a folder

If you want to create a folder so that you can save your important emails then right click on Inbox > New Folder > folder name. Now once the folder is created emails can be drag and dropped in this folder to save them for future.


Calendar option shows all the scheduled meeting and on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It has the option filter by daily, weeks, today, 7 days etc. So this a great feature to show the schedule meeting so that we do not miss any meeting. I personally use this feature a lot to keep a track of my busy schedule.

Note: All the blue bars in the calendar show the current schedule.

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