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How to Add iSCSI Storage to Datastore in Vmware ESXi 5.5

If Vmware esxi datastore is running out of storage then nothing to worry since you have the provisioning option which can help to add a new datastore, increase the size and also expand the storage capacity.

There are multiple ways of adding extra storage capacity to the vmware esxi datastore via FC SAN and also using iscsi network. The iscsi network is very easy to deploy and scale the storage system along with cost effective.

Lets discuss the procedure to add additional storage capacity to Esxi 5.5 datastore.

Storage capacity can be added from a SAN / NAS storage and also from a server. So we’ll check how storage from a server to datastore is added via iscsi.

1. First of all open the Server Manager on the server to create a virtual disk which needs to added to the Datastore.

2. Then go to File and Storage Services > iSCSI > To create an iSCSI virtual disk start the New iSCSI virtual disk wizard

3. Now select the disk where new virtual disk needs to be created. For example drive E: and click Next

4. Give a name to the new virtual disk > Next

5. Specify the virtual disk size > Next

6. Now create a new iSCSI target > Next

7. Give a target name > Next

8. Here we need to add the initiator where we need to add the virtual disk

9. Now we need to go to Esxi > Storage adapters > select the iscsi storage adapter > it will show the iscsi name which is the IQN number which needs to be added to the target server

10. So need to copy the iSCSI name (iQN number) and add as the iscsi initiator in the server as we saw in the previous screenshot (step 8) where it gives the option to add IQN / DNS name, IP address and MAC address. > Next

11. Here if you want to enable CHAP you can do so for additional security. If do not want to enable CHAP you simply click Next

12. Now you confirm the configuration and click create

13. Now it configures the Virtual drive > click Close

14. Now we need to establish communication between the windows server (target) and Esxi datatore (initiator) so that virtual disk can be mounted. So we need to add the IQN number of the window server to datastore

So we’ll go to the windows server Tools> iSCSI Initiator

15. Copy the iqn number and add to the datastore

16. Now go to datastore > Storage Adapter > select the adapter > Property

17. In the storage adapter property > click Dynamic Discovery tab > add the windows server IP address and click OK

18. Now it adds the windows server IP successfully > Close

19. Now select the storage adapter and click Rescan All to detect the newly added virtual disk.

20. Now it will show the connection and mapped storage with capacity

21. Since the extra storage is added we can increase the existing datastore capacity or a new datastore can be created. In the below example we are trying to create a new datastore.

22. Select Storage left hand pane > select the existing datastore > Add storage > choose Dis/LUN > Next

23. Now select the added disk storage which we mounted from the windows server and click Next

24. Now select VMFS-5 > Next

25. Now it shows the final status and overview

26. Here you can give a name

27. Now you can choose Maximum or custom space and go next and click finish.

28. Now the new datastore has been created. Once you have new datastore configured then new virtual machines can be configured on any of the available datastore storage.

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