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How to make CCTV Camera using Mobile Camera?

With the increasing crime world wide it is very crucial to have an eye on suspicious movement in our street and our home. You can convert your mobile phone camera into a CCTV camera with video and audio.

Here we’ll discuss How to make CCTV Camera using Mobile Camera? Your mobile phone camera can help you monitor all the activities inside your house and outside of your house as well. If you have any new, old smart mobile phone or spare mobile phone of any brand then you can use it more effective by making it a CCTV camera easily.

Here are the methods how we can turn a mobile phone camera into a CCTV camera.

  1. First of all we’ll required an App which needs to be installed in your android mobile phone and in your desktop or laptop computer.
  2. There are many apps however the one which I found very user friendly and easy to use is DroidCam which does not require any email or sign in.
  3. Once you install this app in your mobile and PC you will also need a Wi-Fi internet connection as it works best on wifi.
  4. Now you can open the DroidCam app in your PC and ensure that audio and video both the options are selected. It will show the IP address of your internet as below.

5. We need to open DroidCam app in our mobile phone as well and ensure that the app shows same IP range in both our mobile and PC. In case the IP addresses are not same then we can manually correct it. Port number can be left default which is 4747 most of the time.

6. There are some optional settings in the PC client app which can be changed or customized if you want such as Wi-fi, USB or create WiFi server in the PC app.

7. Mobile app also has some optional settings which can be changed or modified like front camera or back camera, white balance, exposure lock, Anti-Flicker etc.

Note: All the settings and options are optional and not mandatory. The app connects the mobile and pc instantly without any settings or log in.

8. Now once you have everything OK then you can connect the mobile to the PC via the DroidCam app and click start option in the pc then it quickly connects.

9. Here the video is working of the mobile via the DroidCam app and below is the just the a screenshot.

10. Now you can place your mobile phone secretly to the place you want to monitor. As long as the mobile phone is in the WiFi range it will work continuously without any interruption. The best part is that the mobile phone will appear like the screen is off and you can lock your mobile as well however the video service will stay on as long as the mobile battery lasts. You can also keep the mobile charger connected to ensure it does not stop working.

You can hide the mobile phone in your room as well and monitor the kids, pets and someone’s activity from your PC screen.

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