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Best Free Email Service Providers

Today E-mail has become an integral part of our digital world since we communicate frequently via email rather than sending traditional hard copy letters by post.

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Email is an electronic mail which is sent over the internet to reach the desired recipient instantly using email provider platforms. There are several free email service provider platforms today which we can use without paying anything and also get plenty of space. Here are some widely used free email platforms with free space available.

|Gmail – 15 GB

|Microsoft Outlook – 15 GB

|Yahoo – 1 TB

|Aol – 250 GB

|Zoho – 5GB

| – 65 GB

|Proton Mail – 500 MB

|Yandex Mail – 10 GB

|Tutanota – 10 GB

Gmail is a product of google which is used widely and it has many advantages as well. Once you start using google mail you can access several free services also offered by google. We also find that most of the app or software requires sign up using google account. Google offers 15 GB of free email including google drive storage as well which you can link to many places such as WhatsApp to store and backup your important documents, pic, images, videos and other files and folders online.

Google offers many wonderful services which are useful to our day to day activities such as email, chat, meeting, video conferencing, google docs, google classroom, Education, automated reminders of bills, office time and many more. I would say google is the best for all in terms of great free products and services.

Outlook is provided by Microsoft and you can access it using the internet browser and also via outlook App. It also offers 15 GB of free storage space and 5 GB of cloud storage which is OneDrive. Like google, Microsoft also provides many other products along with Outlook. Here is the list.

Besides above listed products you also get To Do, Word, MSN and Bing which are free. Skype and Teems are the Microsoft’s widely product as well and we all use it communicate in our office and at the work places. Power point is something which we have been using since decades which has now more improved features than before.

Meet, Skype and OneNote are also integrated with Outlook email itself in the front page since people use them frequently at workplace. It seems Microsoft provides mostly the enterprise products where google focuses on our day to day use consumer product.

Yahoo mail has been around us for decades and I remember we all used be jumping to Yahoo chat rooms a coupe of decades back. All the cyber cafes used be fully occupied and there was a general term in Yahoo chat for asking what is your ASL? which basically meant – Age, Sex and Location. Yahoo offers the highest email storage limit which is 1 TB and you will never run our of space.

Like google, Yahoo is also used as a search engine in most of the countries worldwide and it fetches relevant results as well. Here are services Yahoo offers Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Answers, Yahoo! Maps, Yahoo! Video, fantasy sports, advertising, and its social media website. Contacts, Calendar and Notepad are integrated services in the Yahoo mail.

AOL is known as America Online a Verizon product which is a search engine and web portal service provider from New York. It also covers all sorts of news worldwide in all the domains including daily news, incidents, politics, fashion ads etc. The email storage space provided by Aol seems to be 250 GB however it is based on overall email as reported by Aol wiki. It supports protocols such as POP3, SMTP and IMAP.

Other feature includes Spam filter, Virus protection and spell check. Aol offers other domains which are and additionally, (short for you’ve got mail),, and

If your AOL account is not used for 90 days it becomes inactive which can be activated again however if it stays deactivate for 180 days then it would be automatically deleted.

Zoho is a multinational company which offers mainly offers software development services, cloud computing and web-bases business tools. It offers both business email and individual email. Zoho business email is a based on the your own domain which can be integrated and configured with zoho and you get your desired email email account.

You can also host your own free email account such as Gmail account on Zoho and customize it which is free only up to 5 GB of space. It is simple to use as you Gmail account. Here is the list of popular zoho products.

It has some useful services integrated with Zoho email which are – Zoho meeting, CRM, Invoice, Recruit, Inventory, Vault, Expense, Assist and many more and these are very useful to keep a record and track of each contact added in the email. Zoho mail can be accessed via mobile as well. is also a web-based email service provider along with a few other services. It is easy to use with simple navigation options. offers 65 GB of space which can accommodate more than 500K emails and also additional 2 GB of file, pics and video storage is provided. The best part is that the storage is located in cloud so any document, image etc can be easily shared with other people. offers free and premiums email accounts. In free account you get basic email account, mobile access and mail collector and of course you get to see several annoying ads while accessing your email on desktop and mobile. Premiums feature offers you ad free account, telephone support and POP3/IMAP. does not offer any services in some countries like India.

ProtonMail is also a free web-based email platform provider however it offers very less free storage which is only 500 MB with 150 messages per day. Its paid plan offers storage space start from 5 GB, 20 GB and other features on different pay plan. ProtonMail is based in Switzerland which has secure and encrypted emails.

ProtonMail is available in android, iOS and web version on mobile phone as well. The email interface seems to quite interesting and can be customized according to your liking.

YandexMail is a smart, secure and provides web-based email free with 10 GB of cloud storage and can be personalized as per your choice. It provides anti spam and fraud email platform also available on mobile app with PIN and fingerprint log in. All the email are filtered and sorted out as important and others which can help prioritize your important emails.

There are a few important reason to choose YanderMail such as email scheduler where you write emails in advance and schedule them to be delivered on a specific date and time. The interface can be customized as per your mood. You can have multiple YanderMail account and access all of them using one single mail account.

Other essential feature includes built-in anti-virus which means that all your incoming emails are already scanned and filtered before they reach your inbox. With the help of your mobile number you can recover the lost password of your email account.

Tutanota is also one of the mostly used mail account. It claims to offer most secure email service platform with high encryption. The mail service is based on 2FA which is second factor authentication and supported on Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.

Tutanota has TOTP with an authenticator app such as FreeOTP+, andOTP, Authenticator, Authy etc so that you can easily setup your 2FA with the sync of time in your device. With the above security type you can be rest assured that your mailbox is highly secured and end to end encryption ensures that nobody can decrypt your data.

Tutanota is a Google free open source mail platform and is available to use on android, iOS, Linux, Windows, MacOS and internet browsers as well. It offers business emails which is based on cloud with high availability, cost effective, flexibility and automatic backup features.