How does Veritas Backup Exec work?

Here we’ll discuss the backup process and functionality of Veritas Backup Exec.

Veritas Backup Exec has a mechanism which takes place during backup and restore process. We’ll discuss below starting from backup job till the job finishes. Here is the process flow of the backup job.

First of all you need a server for backup and it could be the Backup Exec server (media server) itself or any remote agent server which you have already added. Then you create a backup job job and selection the storage device which could be disk / tape / dedup etec.

Post creating the backup job when it starts either the schedule or manual backup it gets executed. Then backup is initialized and checked the entire backup configuration and identifies the initiator and the target devices which includes sources server and destination storage devices and types of backup. Once the job is initialized it is dispatched to Backup Exec job engine (BE engine) and then BE engine takes over the backup operation.

Then it tries to locate the storage devices involved in the backup job. It also ensures that storage device is healthy and ready to perform backup operation.

Then it tried to establish a control connection which ensure that backup job is ready to give commands to storage device for data writing. Then it prepares and decides to pick up storage device like tape if tape library. If disk storage then it creates a media inside the disk storage to write the data.

Now it checks the backup selection list and excludes the files and folders which are not part of the backup. Then it takes a snapshot of the backup selection list and transfers the snapshot in form of data to the storage device to perform the writing.

Once the backup data is written to the storage device, the backup process performs a verification job post writing the data to ensure it all the data present in the selection list are have been written and are healthy and restoreable as well.

Post backup job completion the storage device which was mounted for data writing is released. Then database is updated. It also creates an index of the written data which is a catalog of data which has been backed up for future use. Then it reports that job status whether it failed or succeeded.

Post every operation being performed two log files are also created – Job history and Job log which actually has the detailed information of operation performed. Finally the backup job ends.

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