How to add Netapp Storage to Backup Exec 20?

Adding a Netapp Storage to Backup Exec and to backup it up to third party storage works on a protocol call NDMP (Network Data Management Protocol). The important point here is that in Backup Exec Netapp is added as a storage device under storage option however it is actually a client for backup.

That’s why you though it is a storage device itself but it can be backed up to a third party storage device like disk, tape, dedup etc.

NDMP device can be used as storage device as well if there is any third party storage connected to it like a Tape library.

Lets check an example:

In this pic it is a direct connection between Backup sever and NetApp storage and NetApp here is a client so that we can take a backup of it to any storage device.

Lets see another example

In this below setup NetApp storage can be used as storage device however data would be written to the attached tape library

Now first of all we need to enable the NDMP option in the Backup Exec in order to add a Netapp device.

To install the NDMP option click top left side of Backup Exec icon > Installation and Licensing > Install Features and Licenses on this Backup Exec Server

Here you add the license if not added before then click Next

Now check the box NDMP Feature > click Next

Now click Next > then click Install and it will install the NDMP option

Lets add the Netapp storage to Backup Exec

Go to Storage tab > Configure Storage

Choose Network storage > Next

Choose NDMP Storage > Next

Add name or IP address > Next

Select user name and for Netapp storage

Click OK

Click Yes to restart Backup Exec services

After services restart you will see the Netapp is added

Now you will also see that Netapp is automatically added and listed under servers in Backup and Restore option as well

Now Netapp storage is ready to be backed up.

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