How to configure B2D storage to Data Protector

Data Protector has the simplified option to add a local hard drive which is inbuilt or any usb drive or DAS to configure as B2D storage.

B2D storage can configured on any local drive like C, D, E, F etc. Even you can configured it on a usb drive as well. The best part is that you can configure multiple B2D folder as a separate B2D folder storage to the Data Protector.

Lets check the option to create B2D folder to a local drive

Go to the local drive and create a Folder and give any name as per your wish

In Data Protector go to Devices & Media from the drop down

Now right click on Devices and click Add Device

Now you can put any name for as Device Name and Description. Device Type – File Library, Interface Type – Data Protector and Client – you can choose the server where B2D folder is located, click Next

Now copy and paste the path of the folder from the respective drive and click Add and then click Next

Again click Next

Now Data Protector will recognize that folder folder automatically, click Finish to complete the process.

Now again go to Device and Media and confirm that the B2D has been configured successfully.

Similar way you can create multiple folders in the local drive and configure multiple B2D.

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