How to create AdvancedDisk Pool in NetBackup?

Before we configure AdvancedDisk Pool we need to check and identify if the NetBackup already has any storage server configured. If not then we can configure a new storage server and then create a new disk pool. Post configuring storage server storage unit can be configured for the disk pool.

How to configure Disk Storage Server

Go to master server > then in right pane select wizard > Configure Disk Storage Servers

Now it will ask which type of storage server you want to configure. We’ll select AdvancedDisk

Command > nbdevconfig -creatests (However Veritas recommends to use the wizard to configure the AdvancedDisk storage server)

Next select the media server where storage server needs to be configured.

Note : Each Media sever needs to be configured only once as Storage server even if multiple disk pools are created

Now the Storage server configuration wizard is completed

Since the Storage server has been configured clicking Next will start creating Disk Pool

Next it will ask to select the volumes for configuring disk pool. Now all the selected volumes would be used for storage purpose and it can not used for any other purpose later. Here directory or folder can not be specified since the entire volume will be used.

Then you can give a name for the Disk Pool. You can also set High water mark and Low watermark however this option may not work properly if selected volumes are shared with any other server. You can also set the IO limit but there is no limit actually so you can run as many jobs as possible to the disk pool and back job concurrent level can be set later at the storage unit level which will decided how many job you can run to the disk storage.

Once you name and set the other parameters Disk Pool will be configured successfully. Now it will ask you if you want to create the Storage Unit as well. You can give name for the Storage Unit which is easily identifiable as recommended by Veritas. It also asks to select the media server to transport data however we needs to select the media server where storage server has been configured. Here Maximum concurrent job can be opted.

Now since Storage server, DiskPool and Storage unit have been configured, we need to verify all these things to ensure everything has been configured properly. So lets check if the Storage server is ready. Go to Media and Device Management >Credentials > Storage Server > Here it will show the configured Storage server.

Now we’ll verify the AdvancedDisk Pool by going to Media and Device Management > Devices > Disk Pools > right side it will the configured Disk Pools. You can double click the Disk Pool to check the property and confirm the volumes etc.

Finally we can also check and confirm the Storage Unit by going to >NetBackup Management > Storage >Storage Units > right side pane it will show the configured storage units.

Now since everything has been verified and configured you can create back policies and good go ahead and run as many backups as possible.

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