How to create Deduplication storage in Backup Exec 20

Deduplication storage feature is one of the most useful feature in Backup exec which save a lot of storage space and reduces cost.

Deduplication storage eliminates duplicate data in the storage system and writes only the unique data which reduces the backup windows and saves a lot of space in the storage and ultimately save money as well.

While you create a backup job for Dedup storage you get to choose two option : Client side Dedup and Server side Dedup. The recommended way is client side dedup where data is written and processed on the client server which is the remote server and then only unique data is sent across the network to write on to the dedup storage.

This process also reduces network load and minimizes backup window and it does not use the resources of backup server so that backup server can complete other tasks smoothly. We’ll discuss in detail in the separate blog.

Lets check how to create a Dedup storage in Backup Exec 20

First of all click on Backup Exec icon on top left side of the console and choose > Installation and Licensing > Install features and licenses on this Backup Exec server

You get below window which shows all the licenses which are installed. You can also added new licenses and install it. Now click Next

Here you get all the features and options to choose. We’ll check Deduplication and click Next

Next window prompts you to choose the language and click next

Next windows will install the Dedup option

Now the installation of Dedup option is finished

Now go to Storage tab and click > Configure Storage > and click next

Now in the next window choose > Disk-based storage and click next

Now choose Deduplication disk storage and click next

Now you can give a name and description for Dedup

Here you can choose the drive where you want to configure Dedup storage. Note that any drive which is already added to backup server can be configured as a Dedup storage. You can configure multiple Dedup storage on a backup server as well. If you had configured dedup before then old Dedup storage can be imported as well.

In case you delete Dedup storage from Backup Exec console and not from the drive where it was configured, you can still import it using import an existing deduplication disk storage device.

Dedup storage needs a separate user account which you can add here

You can add a dedup user account by clicking Add

Now choose the dedup user account and click next

Next option suggests you to chose encryption if you wish. Usually not required dedup encryption

Now you can choose Concurrent operations which is how may jobs you can run at a time. Maximum is 16 which is recommended by Backup Exec

Now you can click Finish

Now you can click Yes to create dedup storage

It will start creating dedup storage

Click Yes to restart services

Now dedup storage is configured successfully

Now you can create backup jobs and Dedup storage will appear in storage options.

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