How to find if your phone has been hacked?

With the growing mobile phone users and millions of apps being available and downloaded worldwide everyday, our mobile phones are becoming vulnerable for any kind of malware attacks.

Today we have multiple apps available for almost everything for android and iOS and the interesting thing is that whenever we install an app in our mobile phones we tend to give all the permissions which the app asks for without reading it. However very minimal permission is required for almost all the apps to function.

Lets find out the symptoms of the hacked phone

Battery draining abnormally : If you phone is old then certainly it is likely to drain the battery frequently and you need to charge it. However if thats not the case then it is possible that there are some apps running in the background all the time which has been installed by the hacker to monitor your mobile activity and suspicious threat.

Slow performance : Most of the time if there is a malware installed in your phone then it becomes very slow. Same goes for the laptop as well where if there is any virus then it makes the device very sluggish. So if your mobile is very slow to open the lock and then populating the icons takes longer time, if opening any app does not respond and closes automatically, then this is also a sign that your phone is hacked possibly. If your phone was working fine and all of a sudden its starts working weird then it might be due to some virus.

Internet unresponsive : You open internet browser in your mobile and it closes automatically. If you open a particular website and it redirects to some other sites which asks you to pay some money. Most of time the internet browser opens multiple sites automatically then it could be due to some malicious present in the phone.

Frequent popups : Some time if your mobiles internet is on, you might get some popups frequently which will say that your phone storage is full, click here to free. It also says that there is a virus detected in your phone which is harmful, click here to remove the virus. If all these things are very frequent and then there is a chance that your mobile is infected.

High Internet usage : If your mobile internet data usage is very high which is more than your daily usage limit then it could that your phone is send or receiving some information possibly your all day activity to someone and which is causing high data usage.

Frequent messages : If you are getting frequent messages saying your credit card bill due date is going to expire today please pay your bill or any other utility bills etc. Your friend has sent your some money or link your credit card / debit card has expired click here to renew etc or you are getting similar alerts. All these messages are sent from the hackers to steal some money from you.

Phone overheating : If you are watching videos on the internet, youtube or social media then it normal for the mobiles to be warm. But if you are not watching any videos or playing any games and your phone is heating a lot which is not normal then there is possibility that there are some additional app, software or program is active all the time which is processing high data and information that’s which your phone is heating and battery is draining faster. If this is happening then you need to have a look of your mobile phone to be on the safer side.

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