How to install 3par Virtual Service Processor 4.4

Service processor is a very useful tool to monitor the and respond to 3par storage activity, reports and incidents occurring round the clock.

3par Service Processor has many advantage to manage and monitor the 3par storage system for day to day activity.

Here we’ll discuss the installation of 3par Virtual Service Processor step by step.

3par Virtual Service Processor needs to be downloaded from the hpe website :

You need to have a passport account to log in to the hpe software site. Once you log in you will get options to download all the software related to the hpe 3par.

Now you need to download either hyper-v or ESX vmware Virtual Service Processor ISO and prerequisite needs to made available. It can be installed as a virtual appliance. The downloaded file will appear like below:

HPE 3PAR Service Processor is a support device implemented as an appliance on either a Physical or Virtual environment

Virtual Service Processor versions:

HPE 3PAR Virtual Service Processor : Virtual SP 4.1

HPE 3PAR Virtual Service Processor : Virtual SP 4.2

HPE 3PAR Virtual Service Processor : Virtual SP 4.3

HPE 3PAR Virtual Service Processor : Virtual SP 4.4

HPE 3PAR Virtual Service Processor : Virtual SP 5.0

Post downloading the virtual SP ISO image you can double click on it / extract to find out the OVF file

Now double click on the OVF file and click Import. Now it will build a virtual appliance and to power on. The file name would mount in the Esx as – rhel_Vsp-4.4.0.GA-22

Post importing the virtual appliance is ready to power on. While powering on it will load and go through many installation phases:

Finally it comes to log in screen:

Here we need to use the detault login account as 3parcust and password 3parInServ.

Note: Default user: 3parcust, password: 3parInServ / user: admin, password : 3parInServ.

When you log in with 3parcust it may say – The SP Moment of Birth has not been completed!! Please login as root and answer the questions!!!! Press enter to continue.

Now press enter and enter username as root:

Then follow the onscreen instruction:

Now you need to enter the 3par serial number which you want to connect to service processor:

Enter your network details and follow the further instructions.

You can choose a country of your choice:

Site specific information also needed:

Now you can complete the MOB of Virtual Service Processor. Please note that some of the configuration or information may not pass however all those configuration can be done later as well. So please go ahead and complete the MOB.

It will show the configuration summary which we should not be worried about even something shows failed as it can be configured later as well.

Now it would reboot again and prompt to log in. You can log with user : 3pacust and password: 3parInServ.

Now you can perform additional Service Processor configuration:

If you choose 1st option then inbound / outbound related network can be configured:

If you want to disable the Service Processor firewall or modify the settings you can choose the 2nd option:

Now you can try to access the SPOCC (Service Processor Onsite Customer Care) which the web interface of the virtual and physical service processors in 3par storage. For example if you have given the IP for the virtual Service Processor as then you can use : and username : 3parcust, password: 3parInServ:

Post login successfully you can see below screen:

Now you can perform several operation related to 3par such as:

  • Monitoring
  • Log collection
  • HPE support engineers can access 3par remotely
  • Manage 3par using Service Processor without direct log in to 3par arrays.
  • Perform Service Processor OS upgrade
  • Perform 3par OS upgrade
  • Enable call home feature which a continuous monitoring of 3par storage systems by IRS servers.

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