How to install Remote Agent for Windows Servers in Backup Exec 20.5

Remote agent is required to be installed on any remote server to protect it. In fact , other than Backup Exec media server all other server including Windows, Linux and Mac will need a remote agent to be installed on it.

How to install Remote Agent for Windows Servers and add it to Backup Exec media server:

There are multiple ways to install remote agent on a remote server and add it. We’ll discuss all the methods one by one.

  • Push Install Remote Agent on a Windows Server

Go to Backup and Restore tab> either right click below media server or any last server in the list

Or click Add server

Then choose Microsoft Windows computers and servers and click Next

Then check the box > Allow Backup Exec to establish a trust with the servers.

Then add IP address or host name of the server and click Add

Then check the box > Upgrade the Backup Exec Agent for Windows to the current version automatically > then click Next

Once you have added the Server and credential for it > click Install

It shows the next progressing windows

Now the remote agent has been installed and server is also added to Backup Exec media server

Post adding the remote server it might show > Connection not established due to some network related issue.

To fix the connection not established issue > right click on affected server > click Establish Trust

Then click > Establish Connection

Now the remote server will be ready for use

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