How to install Remote Agent on Linux server in Backup Exec 20

Installing the Remote Agent on a Linux / Unix server in Backup Exec is different than windows servers. We can not push install the remote agent like windows servers. We need to install it manually. Lets check how to install remote agent for a Linux server.

First of all we need to copy the ralus (remote agent for linux Unix server) file to the linux server. The ralus file will be located in the Backup Exec ISO media file. You need to copy from there.

Right click on Backup Exec iso media which was mounted for installation before. If not mounted then you can mount again and it looks like below.

Once you right click on it > click Open > then open Linux folder

And below file needs to be copied to linux server

Now the best and easy to copy the a file from a windows server to a linux server is by using WinSCP software. Open winscp > enter host name or ip address of the linux server > user and password as shown below:

Once you are connected to linux server then you can simply drag the file from left window to right window any any folder. In below pic I dragged and dropped the file in var folder of linux server.

Once the file is copied to linux server then go to linux and look in the same directory to find the copied file.

Note: If you are using the vmware workstation for a test / home lab then on linux run command :dhclient” so that it get a new ip address to connect to windows server via winscp. Because the default ip address of home lab which is in vmware workstation will not connect in winscp.

Now we’ll go to Linux server and log in with root > go to the location where you copied the ralus file. For example > var folder > cd /var > then run “ls” to show the file

Note: Do not extract the ralus file on windows then copy to linux serer because the ralus file needs to be extracted on linux server.

Once you locate the ralus file then run below command to extract the file

tar zvxf filename.tar.gz


tar -zxvf filename.tar.gz

After you extracted the file successfully, then run commands “./installrauls”

Then enter the hostname, if same name then hit enter to continue

Now press enter to continue:

Now it check the installation requirement > press enter to continue

Then again press enter to continue

Now it checks the installation package >press enter to continue

Now it goes through the installation process and completes it

During the installation it might ask to create a beoper group then create it.

Now installation completes and ask to restart the ralus agent automatically. Press Y for yes.

Now the ralus is installed and configured, press enter to continue

After remote agent is installed then by default the VRTSralus.init service is stopped. We need to start it manually be running below commands

To Stop: /etc/init.d/VRTSralus.init stop
To Start: /etc/init.d/VRTSralus.init start
service VRTSralus.init restart

Now you can add this linux server to Backup Exec > Click add a server and then choose linux

Then add the server IP address / hostname and also add the root account to authenticate the linux server in the next window

Now you can add root user account and password for authentication

Now you have added the Linux server to Backup Exec server with root user and password and it is ready to start back up.

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