How to send and receive money from WhatsApp?

WhatsApp being the most common chat and video platform for years now it has also launched and added payment feature which is WhatsApp Pay which is similar to Google pay and PhonePe.

WhatsApp Pay has recently launched the payment option along with chat, video call and other features. Here we’ll discuss how to use WhatsApp pay to send and receive money.

  1. First of all go to WhatsApp settings > open WhatsApp > Three Dots Top right side

2. Then Click Payments

3. Then click Add Payment Method

4. Now select the Bank which you want to add to send and receive payment. You need to select the bank where you have your bank account and same WhatsApp number is added and linked for banking services as well.

5. Once you select the Bank WhatsApp will verify your linked phone number

6. Now WhatsApp will retrieve your phone number which is linked with mobile banking send an SMS to you

7. Now your bank you will send an alert message to you like below:

Dear Customer, your UPI registration for WhatsApp has started. Do not share your Debit cad details / One time password or OTP / Expiry date number to avoid any financial loss. If it is not initiated by you, please report to your bank immediately.

Hello, you have initialed the process of adding Axis Bank account in WhatsApp.

8. Now it will ask you choose your SIM in case if you have multiple SIM cards in your phone. So you can choose the SIM which is linked to the bank account.

9. Post verifying the phone number and authentication it will retrieve and add the bank account

10. Now the bank account will be linked to WhatsApp and you are ready to send and receive money on WhatsApp.

Note: The person whom you want to send money, they should also have the WhatsApp payment method configured and bank account linked only then you can send the money.

11. Now since you are ready to send and receive money on WhatsApp you can open your WhatsApp and again follow the step No. 1 and > go to Payment > New Payment

12. Now you get three options to send money > Send to a UPI ID, Scan QR code and mobile number. You can choose any method and send the money.

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