How to Send Confidential and Secure Email using Gmail

Gmail which is also known as google mail is a very common email platform which is used by world wide and it is absolutely free with huge number of features.

Google has been offering several amazing features for free for years and most of the features are very useful and we all love it. Now Google has come up with another feature in Gmail which by you can send a confidential email which is secure as well.

By using confidential email option you can send the email that will open with a passcode. The recipient will not be able to send to someone, forward, copy or print or download this email. Not only these, you can set an expiry date for this email for a particular time so that the person will not have the access to this email for forever.

Send Confidential email using Desktop

Open Gmail and click Compose:

Now you can write your email and at the bottom click the Clock sign:

Note: You can schedule you email by clicking the drop down option of Send and select Schedule Send

It opens the confidential mode and you can read the disclaimer : Recipient won’t have the options to forward, copy, print or download this email.

You can select the expiry date from the drop down and Save. Once you click Save then confidential option will be applied for period of : Expires in 1 day, Expires in 1 week, Expires in 1 month, Expires in 3 months, Expires in 5 years:

You also have the option to set a password / passcode for this email so that when the recipient will need a passcode to read email. To enable to passcode choose option: SMS passcode and Save:

Now once you save the confidential email it shows the expiry date in your composed email before sending:

Post sending this confidential email with SMS Passcode enabled the other person will receive the email like below:

When you click “View the email” it opens like below and asks to send a password on the phone number:

Upon entering the passcode the user will be able to read the email:

The view email will redirect back to Gmail which was originally composed:

Send Confidential email using Mobile

Open the mobile Gmail App:

The click the 3 dots which are on right side:

Now click Confidential mode and create a confidential email:

You can also schedule your email by choosing the option Schedule send.

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