What are Veritas Backup Exec 20 features

Veritas Backup Exec 20 has come up with several new features and options compared to previous version of Backup Exec. It offers improved performance across all infrastructure platform. There are also new options have been added in the user interface. Lets check them all and discuss about them.

Lets check all the new features and options added in the user interface


-Home tab gives an overview of all the Backup Exec portfolio with brief information of overall status, storage consumption, licensed used and software validity.

Backup and Restore

-Backup and Restore tab is the main option to perform most of the day to day operation like backup, restore, add or remove servers, check scheduled backup, running backup and all job status.

-It shows you the number of remote agent servers added for backup and restore.

-It has the option to create a group of servers, view retired servers, create a disaster recovery disk.

-It also offers the feature to convert from physical to virtual

– From Backup and restore tab you can put all the backup jobs on hold, run the next scheduled back, update remote agent on multiple servers in one go.

-You can switch the console view Standard / Compact

-You can filter by server type / job type and many more

If you right click on a sever while you are in Backup and Restore tab you get several options to perform as shown below:

Job Monitor

-As the name suggests it shows all the scheduled, running and queued jobs along with failed and successful status. It also shows the history of all the operations performed in the last 30 days.

-You can run backups, perform restore, edit delete and cancel backup jobs

– If you right click on a job in under job history you get below options:


Storage tab have many useful option to configure all type of storage like disk,tape, dedup, ndmp, cloud etc. It also gives the option to perform inventory, catalog and restore from storage tab. Here you get all other options to create, modify, rename and delete storage devices along with other important features like backup sets and storage property.


With report tab you can generate all sorts of reports of all the transaction. Reports can be pulled up with jobs type, media, devices, alerts. Custom reports can also be generated.

Property – Saas Backup

Backup Exec property has other option related to this application. You can add a SaaS backup to the designated cloud platform.

Configuration and Settings

In configuration and setting you get many features and option to add remove or create which will be a global change to Backup Exec software. It has the settings to create a default backup job, add, remove or modify logon accounts, set alerts and notification for backup and storage devices, start, start and restart backup exec services etc.

Installation and Licencing

In this option you can add or remove Backup Exec agent options, install additional license, install remote agent on remote servers, update the software, view license information etc.

Veritas Online

Veritas online provides you with the access to Backup Exec education, page. You can share your ideas as well.

Technical Support

You can collect debug logs for any backup or restore related issue. You can connect to technical support assistance. You can can access to knowledge base, best practices and training and other features.

Help and Documentation

Help and documentation offers backup, restore and feature related guides and video education. You can find new releases and can check the current version of installed Backup Exec.

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