Whare are the Google Drive features that make your life easier?

As it is stated that today’s world is Google’s world where we are living. It’s an over-exaggerated statement, it is possible that you might be reading this article in Google chrome only on your Android phone. Or you might be using any other device, but the browser must be Google chrome or you are using Google services.

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You might be using Google Maps for finding locations, using YouTube, for watching videos from your Google services only. So, it might be possible that you are using Google Drive for your file heavy transfer. So we are here to tell you more about Google Drive.

Offline access for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

Google Drive lets you ingress your documents, sheets, and slides when you are offline and it syncs all the changes once you are back online. The function comes in useful when you want to continue working during your commute or at times when you are not connected to the internet.

For this, you want Google Chrome browser and Google Docs Offline extension for Chrome. You have to sign in to Google Drive and go to settings and check the box that is Create, open and edit your Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files on this device while offline.

Send files and folders on Gmail or other email clients via Google Drive

Google Drive allows you to share links for files and folders uploaded on it. It eases the user’s work as users get relief from the 25MB attachment procedure which is too hectic a job. You have to first upload folders, files to Google Drive, right-click on it and click on the share button. Copy the link, and paste it into the email draft and send it.

Google Drive without downloading on your device.

In the world of consistent connectivity and synced-up content beyond the devices, this Google Drive feature comes in really handy. This feature not only helps us to ingress the saved links, but also helps to save space or storage for your smartphones or laptops. As the name only indicates the feature that permits users to directly save an image or link from a website to Google Drive without saving data locally on any device.

For this, you have to download and save the Google Chrome extension. Right-click on any image or link and select the option Save to Google Drive. You have to just make sure that the extension which is from ‘drive.google.com’ and not some third-party alternatives.

Convert documents

Another very important feature of Google Drive is that it allows users to convert Microsoft Word documents into Google Docs format, PDF, or vice versa.

Search filters

Google is a huge search engine and any Google service is incomplete if it does not give a broad search feature. Google Drive allows you to add filters to searches. For instance, you can search for a particular word file type, owner, date modified, and more.

​One-tap phone backups

Google Drive can also take a complete backup of your device data, whether it may be a laptop, phone. You just have to go to Google Drive, tap on the three horizontal bars at the top left, tap on the setting, and choose Backup. To take a complete backup, click on the Backup Now button.    

Backup for pc and Mac

As One Drive comes as a default backup and sync service on Windows and iCloud on Mac devices, Google Drive also has a client for Windows and Mac that permits users to sync all their important folders and files on Google Drive. All you need to do is to set up Google drive by downloading the client and enable the sync settings.

Translate a document

Google Translate is an indigenous feature of Google Drive. To use this, open Google Docs >Tools and select Google Translate Document. Select the language you want to translate the document into and Google Translate Document. Select the language you want to translate the document into and Google translate will do it.

Drag and Drop to upload files and folders in Google Drive

If you are worried about how to transfer or upload files or folders to Google Drive? Well, you can do this very easily, you just have to drag and drop files to Drive it will upload files to your storage.

​Google Drive can do research for you on a particular topic

Google Drive is so smart that it can analyze the document you are working on currently and also can recommend more good content, images, charts, and graphs from the web.

To ingress this feature, click on the Tools option and choose Explore. A new sidebar will be visible with all the necessary recommendations. You can also search for stuff, whatever you require from the sidebar.  

Capture a screenshot of the entire website

You can use Save to Google Drive for multiple purpose extensions. In addition to saving images and links directly to Google Drive. Users can also use Google Drive to take full screenshots of the page to the website. For this, open the page you want to capture and then click on Save to Google Drive extension.   

Color-coded folders for a better arrangement

Color coding for your folders can help you better arrange your Google Drive. Give particular colors to folders as per your preference. For example, important folders can be red, personal folders can be yellow, and so on.

Extract text from any image

Google Docs gives a built-in OCR reader this means you can extract text from an image without any effort. You just have to find an image in Google Drive or, upload one for that purpose. Right-click and select open with Google Docs. Google Docs will open an image in a new document and automatically will extract all the text from it and will write it down just below the image.

Add-ons like charts, diagram tools, math equation formatting, sign a document, and more.

Google Drive also comes with add-ons that permit the user to add other features that Google does not natively offer. For example, you can link Google Calendar, Tasks, Google keeps to Google Drive. There’s also a built-in add-on explorer where you can find tons of other add-ons like DocuSign which lets you sign a document and more.   

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