What is HPE MyRoom?

HPE MyRoom is an enterprise high quality and secured web conferencing application software which allows you to connect with anyone from any where in the world.


MyRoom application provides a high security web conference with chat, voice and video call features. It is a real time web meeting which lets you collaborate with one or more people or a team.

MyRoom user can see anything with real-time with high resolution which helps to troubleshoot any technical issue of any device, software by its visual remote guidance features such has sharing the screen, taking screenshots or making annotation.

MyRoom can be joined on computers, servers, mobile phones, tablets and hands-free wearable devices on 3G/4G or Wi-Fi. It also allows you connect quickly with vendors, partners, engineers and other member and other resources across the globe to get instant solution, guidance and advise with high quality audio and video interaction.

It is also like a remote remote mentor where your colleague, vendor or friends can support you from any part of the world to help you perform your task, replace a hardware part, fix things in your enterprise, office, home, kitchen etc via visual remote guidance.

With the help of a device, network and myroom software you can excel in anything by using the visual guidance approach where the expert can help you remotely.

This is a great way to save a lot of money and minimize the cost of any hardware setup and installation where the travelling cost, lodging and fooding cost of the onsite engineer can be a huge expenditure and impact the overall budget of any product to put in production.

As a result MyRoom increases uptime and reduces overall cost, with fewer calls, shorter repair time, decreased travel requirements, and fewer parts sent onsite especially in an enterprise environments.


Personal Information

Basic information is required to sign up with the software to use. In Personal information you can fill up first name, last name, company name etc.


In Audio/Video dropdown you can choose the headphone or earphone which you want to use to get the audio and video output. In case if you do no choose your device here you will not hear or other person will not hear you.

You can also choose the camera which can be internal or external. By default it chooses the inbuilt camera of the laptop. If you are using any external camera that needs to be selected from the drop down here. It is advisable to test the audio, video and camera before joining or initiating the a web meeting.


In general available optional options can be set up. “Log in automatically when Myroom is launched’ is the good option which avoids to put user and password each time you log in. You can also use “Expand toolbars when I enter a room.


Sometimes notification can be very annoying as whenever someone types a message you get a very high beep sound frequently which may irritate you. So you can keep it muted. You can disable play sound or pop up message. Other options can be enabled or disabled as per ones choice.


Chat option can be customize as per your convenience. If you do not want to use any other option you can keep it default.

File Handling

If someone wants any specific option about the file then this option can be used. File location can be changed for saving the recordings, chat etc.

Translation services

This is one of the best features which translates the chat in your preferred language.

So even if you can in an international web meeting can ask the participants type their message and discussion so that you can translate in your own language and understand them and respond in an effective way if you do not understand someone’s language.


Customize option lets you choose the wall paper or background of the application while using this application. However you need to choose one from the available themes only and there is no option to customer it.


People option gives the view of all the participants who have joined the meeting.


Content option shows all the screenshots, images, docs, files and log etc that are uploaded by the remote engineer or customer which can be saved or shared by email as well.


Chat option allows to chat and change the font size as well. The chat can be printed and saved as well. The voice and video call can be initiated by enabling them and if you don’t want to hear the audio then it can be disabled as well.

Raise hand

Hands up option allows someone to raise your hand if you have a question or want to ask or tell something in the web meeting.

Other options

There are other options like screenshot which can take if other person shares the screen. You can share the screen or any one who is in the meeting room can share their screen by using the share screen option. Next option is to generate the key which allows your to let others join the meeting by entering the key.

Join via mobile

Next is another importance feature where other person can share the real-time visuals via a mobile phone and it allows to monitor and guide them remotely. MyRoom application is also available for android and iOS users and it can be downloaded from google play store or app store.

You can generate and share the key to the phone users to join. Once the person joins the on mobile phone you can see it in your desktop application of MyRoom.

Once you join the meeting using the mobile you get the same options like mike, speaker and video. The three dots top right side next to the camera icon gives you below option like:

On screen options in mobile

Once you enable your video call three dots at the bottom left side appear for options to flip front / rear camera of the phone. It has option to turn on the flash light of the phone in case if you are in a dark room to show the device etc.

Next camera option is to take a screenshot while showing something via video call. Last option is the zoom in and zoom out.

For more information you can visit the office site : https://www.myroom.hpe.com/Home/Overview


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